Outrage over Qatar's ban on sex outside marriage

Outrage over Qatar’s ban on sex outside marriage

The maintenance of the ban on having sex outside marriage during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar provokes the indignation of supporters and associations for the defense of human rights.

The subject is not new, but an article from the Daily Star, published on Tuesday, has revived the controversy. It will be forbidden to have sex outside marriage during the next 2022 World Cup. The English tabloid recalls the penalties incurred: a prison sentence of up to seven years. The measure appears on the British government website in its advice for travelers to the country.

The British government had already warned its supporters

“Living together without being married is prohibited in Qatar, and sexual relations outside marriage, whether between same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples, are illegal, recalls British diplomacy. This can lead to an arrest and to a possible court case where judgment may include a fine, custodial sentence and deportation once the sentence has been served. This is particularly the case when the behavior has caused offense.”

“Due to laws on sex outside marriage, if you become pregnant outside marriage, you and your partner could be imprisoned and/or expelled, the text continues. Doctors will ask for proof of marriage during prenatal visits. A single woman who gives birth in Qatar may also encounter problems registering the birth of the child in Qatar and may be arrested, imprisoned or deported.To obtain a birth certificate from the Qatari authorities, you must provide a marriage certificate and authorities can compare the date of marriage to the estimated date of conception.”

The French authorities do not mention the case of sexual relations but recall the prohibition of homosexuality in the country, just like the marks of affection in public. If they are not new, these rules cause the indignation of the supporters who planned to go on the spot. “If we have managed to interfere in the private practices of each other, it becomes very complicated and unacceptable, plague Fabian Tolosini, member of the French Irresistibles, on BFMTV. Fifa must now intervene.

Fifa still in the sights of human rights associations

The international body, mocked for several years for its choice to grant the organization to Qatar, did not react on the subject. “In 2010, when Qatar obtained the organization of the World Cup, Fifa did not ask the country for any consideration on the question of human rights, recalls Lola Schulmann, advocacy officer at Amnesty International France on Qatar. We are six months away from the World Cup so, all of a sudden, we realize that there are a lot of human rights violations in Qatar which will impact the fans.”

A few weeks ago, the Emir of Qatar confided that the country was ready to open up to everyone but asked foreigners to respect Qatari culture. According to the Daily Star, the country made “no exceptions” in the application of its laws during the World Cup.

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