Matt Houston ousted from Back To Basic 2000 tour due to ‘slippage’

The singer of the hit “R&B 2 rue” was removed from the tour lineup after a highly commented performance on social networks.

Back To Basic 2000, the tour that travels through France bringing together the music stars of 20 years ago, is parting ways with one of its headliners. In a press release published on Monday, the organizers announce that the French singer Matt Houston has been dismissed from the troupe due to a “slip” on stage, Saturday at the Zénith de Paris.

“The production apologizes for the slippage of the artist Matt Houston during his performance at the Zénith de Paris on Saturday June 18, 2022”, can we read. “The tour dissociates itself from these comments and this attitude towards the public.”

“The production has made the decision not to continue with the artist Matt Houston and that he is no longer part of the Back To Basic tour since June 19, 2022”, they add.

Eventful evening

Since January, Matt Houston has been touring France as part of the Back To Basic 2000 tour alongside other artists of his generation such as Yannick, Nuttea, Larusso and the L5s. But many spectators expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks after the show on Saturday by broadcasting videos of the performance of the singer.

According to these images and the testimonies of their authors, Matt Houston would have arrived on stage singing his hits Ghetto Cinderella Where R&B 2 Street in an unsteady voice, which some have attributed to alcohol consumption. Still according to the testimonies of those present collected on Twitter, he would then have started to address the fingers of honor and insults under the boos of the publicbefore being expelled from the scene.

Before the official announcement of his ousting, Matt Houston reacted in a series of videos posted on his Instagram account. “From the start of the concert, there were people who spat on me,” he justified himself.

“I’ve never gone onstage on an empty stomach once in my life, and that didn’t stop me from doing the show,” he said. “Afterwards, it depends on the public. From the start of the show, it was bad, it does not make you want to sing. As soon as you arrive and get spat on, you don’t want to sing anymore.”

“I am asked for an apology, there will be none”

And of to chase: “People buy tickets to come and spit on people. There must have been around thirty pilgrims, after that the rest is collateral damage. ask me for an apology, there won’t be any. Not this time.”

Reference, no doubt, to a previous controversy generated by the singer and summarized by Booska-P. At the end of May, Matt Houston attacked Diam’s in a story after watching his interview for Raw. This time, after having drawn the wrath of Internet users, he had made his my culpa.

The Zénith de Paris concert marked the last evening of Back To Basic 2000 before a summer break. The concerts will resume on September 16, with a date in Strasbourg.

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