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Jennifer and Eddy (Married at first sight): Here is what became of Eddy and Jennifer after the balance sheet, (spoiler)

It was during the 2022 edition of Married at first sight that we saw these two essential candidates, Eddy and Jennifer. For the latter, we can say that their adventures in the show were simply eventful. Between the highs and the lows, viewers are curious to know if they are still in a relationship at the present time? During an interview with Télé Loisirs, the two participants revealed the long-awaited answer. Want to know more? We tell you all the details in the following lines. To your readings!

Eddy and Jennifer (Married at first sight): are they still together?

Eddy and Jennifer are among the candidates who have attracted the most attention from viewers of Married at first sight! The 37-year-old man is in charge of event activity in Lille. While the woman, aged 31, is the manager of a large hairdressing salon. On the professional side, we can say that they are flourishing. Both in their thirties, they were 81% compatible.

However, the statistics revealed did not prevent fate from getting involved. Indeed, it would seem that did not happen as the candidate hoped! Loyal viewers of Married at First Sight certainly know what we’re talking about. After having made the choice to remain married during the assessment in front of the experts, what happened after the end of the shooting?

A short-lived relationship!

M6 broadcast an unpublished episode of Married at first sight 2022 this Monday, June 20. Moreover, it was the theater ofa very big revelation ! Indeed, Eddy and Jennifer have announced that they will remain married despite their rocky relationship. Viewers were simply in shock! Spoilers were also revealed during the interview with Télé Loisirs!

If their future seemed promising, we can say that fate got involved again. To put it simply, their couple did not last long! Besides, they say that premature love don’t last forever. After having traveled all the oceans, Jennifer admits that she has not been able to overcome her blockages. As sad as it is, the couple had made the choice to divorce a few months after the filming of Married at first sight!

Jennifer (Married at first sight): victim of criticism and insults on the networks

During the first episodes of Married at first sight, Jennifer underlined the sequel that left his painful love stories from the past. As a result, the 31-year-old now finds it hard to trust men. And for fear of being hurt again, she began to close herself off from the world. That said, committing to a new relationship became a situation that scared her!

Although Jennifer is traumatized by her past, that hasn’t stopped her from trying hard with Eddy. But obviously, it seems that she not ready yet ! Indeed, this candidate has never slept with her husband, nor even kissed him during all their adventure in Married at first sight! A decision that the viewers had obviously taken badly. Some even went so far as to insult the woman on social media. Many critics that the candidate had nevertheless wished replied: “I have so much pain for this person. (…) I’m not here to make myself loved by everyone, anyone would like it”.

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