in the Senate, Liverpool supporters call on Darmanin to resign

in the Senate, Liverpool supporters call on Darmanin to resign

Heard by the Senate on Tuesday in Paris, Liverpool fans demanded the departure of the Minister of the Interior.

The case is not over. Far from there. Liverpool supporters heard in the Senate on the security fiasco of the Champions League final called on Tuesday Gérald Darmanin to resign, castigating the “endless lies» from the Home Secretary, who had initially pointed the finger at the responsibility of the English fans.

You, Sir, have humiliated the inhabitants of Paris. Your endless lies and false narratives have only amplified our trauma“, Assailed Ted Morris, representative of the Association of disabled supporters of Liverpool, present at the Stade de France the day of this final disrupted by serious dysfunctions in the organization.

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I ask you to withdraw your savage and baseless accusations and, if you do not have the decency to do so, you must choose the most honorable course and resign.“, he launched in front of the senatorial delegation which works on these incidents.

In the hours following the meeting, Gérald Darmanin castigated the English supporters, presenting the thesis of a “massive, industrial and organized counterfeit banknote fraudcreating a mess. Then, during his hearing before the Senate on June 1, the Minister of the Interior sketched a mea culpa while maintaining the controversial figure of “35,000 supporters“provided, according to him, with falsified tickets or without tickets.

In front of the senators on Tuesday afternoon, Ted Morris read the testimonies of several disabled supporters “traumatizedby these incidents, victims of theft or assault by local gangs in Saint-Denis or sprayed with tear gas by the police. “This is the most terrifying experience I have ever had in Europe with Liverpool“, he said. “I will never forgive the authorities who are totally responsible“, he continued, recalling the trauma experienced in 1989 by Liverpool in Hillsborough, where a gigantic crowd movement had caused the death of 97 supporters.

Member of the group of supportersSpirit of Shankly“, Joe Blott also asked the French authorities to “remove“their accusations and to present”a full apologypointing to France’s tarnished reputation as a host country for major sporting events. “To ensure the safety of supporters at the Rugby World Cup (in 2023, editor’s note) and at the Olympic Games (2024) in the coming years, a full, independent and transparent investigation is needed so that the world regains confidence in the ability of France to organize global sporting events“, he asserted.

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