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21:46 QT3 – 7’17” to play; Monaco 33-47 ASVEL. Knight again at 3 points!

21:44 QT3 – 8’41” to play; Monaco 32-44 ASVEL. Thomas without problem on the throwing line!

21:43 QT3 – 9’48” to play; Monaco 28-44 ASVEL. Knight already stuns Roca Team with a 3-point basket! The 4th of ASVEL.

21:41 QT3 – 10’00” to play; Monaco 28-41 ASVEL. The second period begins!

21:29 End of QT2; Monaco 28-41 ASVEL. Mike James (12 points) misses his shot at the buzzer. ASVEL shows a boss reaction after the loss of match 3! TJ Parker’s players are having a very big game. Howard (6 points), Knight (6 points), Jones (8 points) and Okobo (9 points) are present in scoring.

21:26 QT2 – 5” to play; Monaco 28-41 ASVEL. Howard’s Amazing Basket! Close to the midfield, he draws before the end of possession to make a string! Massive blow to the public and the players of Monaco.

21:24 QT2 – 30” to play; Monaco 28-38 ASVEL. Motiejunas challenges the refereeing decisions. These gestures of humor earned him a technical foul that ASVEL is happy to punish.

21:23 QT2 – 53” to play; Monaco 28-37 ASVEL. James scratches the ball in the hands of Fall who was spinning to the basket! The pivot is surprised and drops the leather.

21:22 QT2 – 1’41” to play; Monaco 28-35 ASVEL. Diallo goes to the end of his ideas and scores right hand with the fault of Gist. The refereeing body initially refused the basket before reversing its decision. He scores his throw.

21:19 QT2 – 2’55” to play; Monaco 25-35 ASVEL. Howard sets the scene at 3 points! It cools the whole room!

21:17 QT2 – 3’42” to play; Monaco 25-32 ASVEL. Motiejunas is reassured at the throw. After having failed on the first three, it is full!

21:15 QT2 – 4’02” to play; Monaco 23-32 ASVEL. What acceleration from Okobo! He scores his basket with his left hand despite the fault suffered! However, the throw is missed. His throw still has the gift of stopping Monaco’s 9-point series.

21:12 QT2 – 4’28” to play; Monaco 23-30 ASVEL. The Roca Team is coming back a little more thanks to Bacon! Dead time on the side of ASVEL to stop the local momentum.

21:10 QT2 – 5’30” to play; Monaco 21-30 ASVEL. James eats Okobo one on one and adds two more points! Gaston-Médecin ignites! Run in progress of 7 points for the locals!

21:08 QT2 – 5’55” to play; Monaco 19-30 ASVEL. Monaco is doing a little better! It’s Lacombe’s turn to wave the net with a splendid off-balance shot!

21:07 QT2 – 6’34” to play; Monaco 17-30 ASVEL. James recovers a foul on a 3-point attempt. The Roca Team star refuels on the line.

21:05 QT2 – 7’19” to play; Monaco 14-30 ASVEL. What a movement from Osetkowski, who resists Diallo and scores! The German with the and one! He converts his throw.

21:03 QT2 – 7’40” to play; Monaco 14-27 ASVEL. Paris Lee answers him from a long distance! Moment chosen by TJ Parker to put a time out.

21:01 QT2 – 7’57” to play; Monaco 11-27 ASVEL. Very big award-winning shot from Chris Jones (7 points)! The gap increases a little more!

21:01 QT2 – 8’24” to play; Monaco 11-24 ASVEL. Osetkowski is penalized in front of Bacon. The best Monegasque scorer of match 3 does not miss the exercise of the free throw.

20:59 QT2 – 9’11” to play; Monaco 9-24 ASVEL. The Villeurbannais start the second quarter as they started the first! Jones at the bat for his 3rd and 4th points.

20:58 QT2 – 10’00” to play; Monaco 9-22 ASVEL. Start of the second quarter!

20:57 End of QT1; Monaco 9-22 ASVEL. Monaco is lagging behind at the start of the match, the fault of its great clumsiness in shooting (25%, 3/12). The Roca Team will have to show more if they want to win the title tonight.

20:54 QT1 – 19” to play; Monaco 9-22 ASVEL. Mike James earns a foul. He scored a throw on the two attempted.

20:53 QT1 – 30” to play; Monaco 8-22 ASVEL. Jones takes a difficult shot despite the good defense of Motiejunas. Twine!

20:52 QT1 – 57” to play; Monaco 8-20 ASVEL. Air ball for James at 3 points! The leader gets annoyed but will look for a fault a few seconds later before converting his two throws.

20:50 QT1 – 1’12” to play; Monaco 6-20 ASVEL. Fall is applied. 2/2!

20:49 QT1 – 1’40” to play; Monaco 6-18 ASVEL. There is breakage in the paint. Motiejunas collapses after colliding with Fall. The Monegasque pivot gets up, grimacing when his counterpart wins the foul in the continuity of the action.

20:48 QT1 – 2’39” to play; Monaco 6-18 ASVEL. Gist commits his 2nd foul. Motiejunas does not sanction. 0/3 for the Lithuanian on the free throw line.

20:46 QT1 – 3’26” to play; Monaco 6-16 ASVEL. Again +10! Lighty does not miss in front of the basket 3 seconds from the end of possession.

20:44 QT1 – 4’03” to play; Monaco 6-14 ASVEL. Already 7 points for Elie Okobo!

20:44 QT1 – 4’58” to play; Monaco 4-12 ASVEL. Motiejunas turns around and makes his power speak to finish left hand, with the fault as a bonus! Unfortunately for Monaco, the pivot misses the throw.

20:42 QT1 – 5’19” to play; Monaco 2-12 ASVEL. ASVEL takes off! Lighty does a lot of work with his back to the basket and serves Gist who finishes with a small paw under the circle. Obradovic sets his first time out to remobilize his men.

20:39 QT1 – 6’16” to play; Monaco 2-10 ASVEL. Okobo is already hot! The basket left hand and the fault! Behind, the Frenchman does not tremble when throwing.

20:38 QT1 – 6’45” to play; Monaco 2-7 ASVEL. Finally ! After more than 3 minutes of waste, the Roca Team relies on its essential, Mike James, to score its first points!

20:37 QT1 – 7’00” to play; Monaco 0-7 ASVEL. Lighty goes looking for the fault under the basket. The winger misses the first throw but succeeds the second under the whistles of the Monegasque public.

20:36 QT1 – 7’34” to play; Monaco 0-6 ASVEL. And 6! With Knight’s second basket facing the circle.

20:35 QT1 – 8’17” to play; Monaco 0-4 ASVEL. Okobo arrived launched and comes to finish left hand with the help of the board!

20:34 QT1 – 9’16” to play; Monaco 0-2 ASVEL. Lighty misses on the first shot of the match. James also and it is finally Knight who unlocks the counter.

20:33 QT1 – 10’00” to play; Monaco 0-0 ASVEL. The kick is given ! ASVEL wins the in-between.


ASVEL’s 5: Fall – Howard – Lighty – Okobo – Knight


The 5 of Monaco: Boutsiele – Thomas – Diallo – James – Ouattara


The presentation of the teams has been made! Five minutes before the start of the game!


The Rocher club dreams of this first title of champion of France after losing its first three finals. Opposite, ASVEL will have to win to prolong the suspense until match 5 and therefore maintain the hope of a 21st national championship title.


Dwayne Bacon (19 points) and Mike James (16 points, 6 rebounds, 10 assists) were instrumental in Game 3, which saw Elie Okobo finish top scorer with 25 points. In vain for LDLC ASVEL.


Monaco has a first match point, on its floor. Returning from Villeurbanne to 1-1 (victory 82-74 and defeat 91-54), the Roca Team won (83-80) on Monday in front of their home crowd to regain the advantage in these Finals.


Hello and welcome to our site to follow live commentary on Match 4 of the Betclic Elite final, between Monaco and ASVEL, from 8:30 p.m. If the Monegasques, who lead 2-1, win at home, they will be crowned champions of France. Otherwise, a Match 5 will take place on Saturday in Villeurbanne.

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