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Florent Pagny in debt: his friend Pascal Obispo helps him and signed him a big check

Their friendship is unwavering. Suffering from lung cancer, Florent Pagny is very surrounded. In fact, not only can he count on the support of his wife Azucena Caamaño, but he also has many friends who help him. This is the case of Pascal Obispo who has always been by his side in the face of hardships, to the point of signing a large check to repay his debts.

Florent Pagny, cancer victim

Last January, Florent Pagny announced that he was suffering from inoperable lung cancer. The singer was forced to put aside his anniversary tour because of this. If he receives the unwavering support of those close to him, the 60-year-old artist can also count on the whole family of “The Voice”.

On Friday February 4, 2022, it was in music and on Instagram that Vianney wanted to support his friend, Florent Pagny. He first explained why he didn’t react right away, saying:

“I did not react to my friend Florent Pagny’s announcement. I did not react because I had been living with this announcement for a few days already. There were a lot of emotions in me and when I react to heat, it’s not very beautiful. »

He then supported Florent Pagny in his battle by performing one of his friend’s hits, which is “important” to him. Besides Vianney, Marc Lavoine also sent a message of support to his colleague from “The Voice”.

“He has been my friend for forty years, we call each other every day, he confided on the airwaves of Europe 1 on January 27, 2022. (…) He will be on stage soon. I think that’s all that can be said. The rest, he has already said it to him and I think it belongs to him, ”he confessed.

Pascal Obispo, present for his friend

Pascal Obispo, a longtime friend of Florent Pagny, also came out of silence and paid tribute to the singer on social networks. He posted a picture of them on Instagram saying:

“Strength and courage in this ordeal to you my friend. »

As a reminder, Pascal Obispo has always been there for Florent Pagny whether in the best or in the worst. While some friends turned their backs on him when he went through a dark period and had big financial worries after his breakup with Vanessa Paradis, Pascal Obispo never abandoned him. The interpreter of “Fallen for her”, acted as a true friend and was very generous towards her.

“I am giving him a big check of… a lot”

Faced with problems with the tax authorities in the past, Florent Pagny had to sell his vintage cars. However, when he was at the end of his tether and refused to talk about his problems, Pascal Obispo did not hesitate to reach out to him.

“One day, Florent’s mother telephoned me to tell me that seals had been affixed to their house. Florent then recalls, I knew what he was going to tell me “, had told the ex of Julie Hantson in Gala in 2018.

As the singer could not repay his debts, the tax authorities seized his furniture to put them up for auction. Neither one nor two, Pascal Obispo takes out his checkbook and is not stingy.

“I buy him back, and I give him a big check for… a lot. I am very proud of it,” he testified.

From then on, Pascal Obispo became for the singer an omnipresent friend in the face of the vagaries of life. For Florent Pagny, the generous gesture of his sidekick will always remain in his memory.

“Of course, it creates links! “, did he declare.

A touching friendship that has lasted for many years.

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