NBA Fournier cash sur Stephen Curry

Evan Fournier responds to Stephen Curry and pulls out the bazooka!

Everything Stephen Curry says right now is scrutinized, and his lastre announcement did not fail to react Evan Fournier. The Knicks guard was particularly fired up and he made it known on social media with an epic response. Hopefully he can shake things up.

Stephen Curry is the man of the moment in the NBA, the one who makes people talk. It must be said that after such Finals and a new title, his 4th, which is as much as LeBron James, the Warriors point guard cemented his place in league history. The question is no longer to know if he deserves to be in the Top 10 of the best all-time players, but simply to know where he is among the Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or another Shaquille O’Neal.

During the parade through the streets of San Francisco on Monday, the Chef has provoked all his detractors with his rings around his neck but also all the trophies won this season in his hands… And that’s not all, since once on the podium, he unveiled the ultimate challenge of his career. Good news for the fans, since they know until when Steph wants to continue his career, but also for the French who plan to go to Paris in 2024.

Evan Fournier destroys the Paris 2024 organizing committee!

Obviously, his title of MVP of the Finals was not enough to cut his appetite, he wants even more.

I’m not satisfied yet, I still have to play for coach Kerr in 2024, in Paris, to try to win a medal. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be able to do it, that’s what he told him.

Stephen Curry knows that his place in the great history of the NBA and basketball is assured, but he still has one ultimate goal in mind before retiring: to win an Olympic gold medal in Paris in 2024. Evan Fournier has heard the message from the Warriors point guard, and his response is legendary. Particularly pissed off, he took out the bazooka and pointed it at the Games organizing committee…

Evan Fournier is not angry with the decision to relocate the basketball tournament during the 2024 Olympic Games… Some of the biggest stars in the world of sport want to come to France to conquer the gold medal, and unfortunately, the organization does not believe that this tournament deserves a room worthy of the name with real stands, real locker rooms, etc. It must be said that hosting Stephen Curry in a showroom is quite crazy.

Evan Fournier knows the biggest NBA stars perfectly, that he alongside on a daily basis, and he is well aware of the ridiculousness of the situation. Stephen Curry, one of the greatest players of all time, may have to play in a “fake” room, which puts the back of the Knicks out of him.

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