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Cindy and Sébastien Van der Auwera (Large families): they confide in their income and expenses

During an interview with Jordan De Luxe, Cindy and Sébastien confide in the amount of their shopping, allowances. In short, everything related to their income. For those who don’t remember, these are former candidates for the show Families large, life in XXL. Want to know more about the rest of their little adventures? We reveal all the details in the following lines. To your readings!

Allowances: Cindy and Sébastien talk about it!

Recently seen in Large families, life in XXL, Cindy and Sébastien continue to serve their subscribers with new information. For this time, the couple talks about allowances as well as income and expenses ! In addition, the two lovebirds are very popular personalities on social networks. Moreover, viewers love their publications which are simply captivating.

Basically, Cindy and Sébastien from Large Families, Life in XXL are not used to discussing serious subjects such as allowances. However, they have agreed to do during the Jordan De Luxe show, “Chez Jordan”. Without further ado, discover in the next lines the entire interview!

The family spends more than 1000 euros on groceries

During the interview, the young parents reveal how they shop. Besides, Cindy pointed out that the family is not one to deprive themselves when it comes to food! But since they have eleven children under their roof, writing a menu list is necessary! In addition, it is to better manage the shopping budget as necessary. Besides, Cindy also revealed that they do two releases a month. A gym session is also included. Expenses ? Know that the couple pays nearly 1000 euros of shopping every two weeks! Allowances and other charges are not included!

On the outing side, it seems that the family does not leave all together! But they do some kind of rolling ! Moreover, “the children, they know that what we do for one, we do for the others”, added the mother! If this had been the subject of criticism on social networks, Cindy and Sébastien assume their choice! Basically, they prefer to go several times a year than to go once with everyone. “We leave really very very often, depending on whether they want to leave”. Now let’s talk about spending on allowances in the final paragraphs!

An allowance of 1200 euros

Furthermore, it would seem that the Van der Auwera family receives allowances as well as a additional income to better manage children. However, Sébastien underlines the fact that they continue to work and “a lot” even on the side! Moreover, the couple does not consider social assistance as a source of income.

For them, allowances don’t matter. And it is especially not to touch them that they decided to have eleven children. A stereotype that the couple had wanted to clarify during the interview! Also, the Van Der Auwera family came back to the potential twelfth child they’ve been expecting… As sad as it is, Cindy had a miscarriage early last year! However, the mother does not lose hope: “If there must be a twelfth, there will be a twelfth!”

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