Ambiance retrouvée pour la fête de la musique au Puy-en-Velay

Atmosphere rediscovered for the music festival in Le Puy-en-Velay

From 5 p.m. until late in the evening, the squares and alleys of Ponotes regained a touch of lightness on this first day of summer, thanks to a multitude of groups which offered numerous concerts in the four corners of the city. free to vibrate to the rhythm of live music.The arts workshops offered beautiful moments

Rock, French songs, lyrical singing, tango, choirs, musical ensembles, folk… once again this year, the city of Puy-en-Velay, with the support of the Urban Community, has concocted a rich program to celebrate the longest day of the year. As a simple listener or by sketching a few liberating dance steps, the public found a festive and friendly atmosphere.Spectators at the rendezvous from the start of the evening

From Place du Plot to Place Cadelade, the Henri-Vinay garden where the Ateliers des Arts offered a wide variety of concerts (choirs, symphony orchestra, clarinet, chromatic accordion or cello) via the Cathedral, the courtyard of the Lafayette College or Place du Clauzel, all musical trends have therefore found their audience.Pupils from the Thierry Rothier singing school on Place Cadelade.

For this 2022 edition, the stage installed on the Place du Breuil also kept its promises. From 8 p.m., Auguste Wood kicked off an exceptional musical evening, with his caustic and communicative humour. Subsequently, the trio Vol de nuit took over in a new-wave pop style, dancing and singular.A frenzied demonstration of flamenco. Photo Johanna Faure-Arnaud

Also on this same square and as the high point of the evening, from 10 p.m., it is the group Freaky Fucking Funck, founded in Lyon, the French capital of funk, composed of ten young musicians oriented disco-funk and neo-soul, which provided sound and voice. Cradled between the Rhône and the Haute-Loire, from where they draw their main sources of inspiration and brought together by the love of groove, these young talents have been able to get fans moving on a funky and punchy beat, which has never left no one unmoved.The group Freaky Fucking Funck gathered the youth place du Breuil

At the same time, the ponot bars also contributed to this festive atmosphere thanks to the musicians or singers invited for the occasion.

A friendly music festival

The group Freaky Fucking Funck gathered the youth place du Breuil

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