Alexia Laroche-Joubert (ALP) "understands that it can affect families"

Alexia Laroche-Joubert (ALP) “understands that it can affect families”

It’s time to take stock (calmly) for Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem while the grand final between Géraldine, François, Jean-Charles and Bastien will be broadcast this Tuesday, June 21. Four adventurers… and a few favorites according to our predictions! But beware, this epilogue promises to be new and therefore uncertain because, as you can see, they will be for the first time four to climb the posts of the TF1 survival game. Waiting, Alexia Laroche-Joubertowner of Adventure Line Productions (ALP) which produces Koh Lantacomes back to our colleagues from Le Parisien on a mixed season between flight from part of the public and disinterest in a season that is too calm.

Koh-Lanta seasons too close together

Like the last editing (the controversial All-Stars anniversary, editor’s note) had been very agitated, we knew that this one would appear calmer anyway. We would have liked to avoid such a rapid sequence between the two (only two short months, editor’s note), but, in the heart of the program, and we can be proud of it, I see that in this edition there have been a lot of strategies initiated by women, who are not usually in this field. Moreover, we will pay tribute to them during the final“says Alexia Laroche-Joubert.

A cast of Koh-Lanta too smooth?

The producer also evokes the criticisms made on the casting considered too smooth and expected: “We have been criticized for being quite “CSP +” this year, which seems a bit dishonest to me when you see the professions of Céline (nurse), Jean-Charles (fustier) or Jean-Philippe (painter). If it was perceived as such, we must be attentive to it and return to the fundamentals of “Koh-Lanta”, that is to say a cast made up of generational and socio-cultural diversity, of encounters which, in real life, would probably not happen. We are hard at work.

‘The Francois case’

Rest ‘the case Francis‘, the finalist firefighter indicted “for manslaughter“after the death of a firefighter during a forest fire in 2016, in Gabian (34). Indeed, seven of the members of the Departmental Fire and Decours Service (SDIS) of Hérault and the colonel who leads them are under investigation, suspected of having “gave the troop inappropriate, sometimes contradictory orders, and provided insufficient training and obsolete equipment“, according to Chained duck. Three of his colleagues were also seriously injured. All are for now presumed innocent.

A presence “that does not pass” among the firefighters

Legally, nothing prevented François from participating in Koh-Lanta. But victims’ lawyer Luc Abratkiewicz believed that “glorifying one of its executives in a program where risk is only a game, the SDIS displays its contempt for the victims“. Because it is an understatement to say that among the firefighters his participation “do not pass.“An alleged victim even wanted the latter to be cut during the editing before the start of the season. Now a finalist, we imagine the impossibility of such a request. On the ALP side, the line does not change: “It is a complex situation. There is a presumption of innocence. On our side, we were not aware. On the human aspect, I understand that it can affect families. I spoke about it with François, he also understands it“says Alexia Laroche-Joubert.

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