a second explosion of criminal origin

a second explosion of criminal origin

INFO RMC Sport / BFM TV – The second explosion on the Dakar 2022, which hit driver Camélia Liparoti’s assistance truck, is of criminal origin. This is the conclusion reached by the French investigators who are taking a close interest in this file which presents terrorist suspicions.

According to information from RMC Sport and BFM TV, the explosion of the assistance truck of the pilot Camélia Liparoti (X-Raid Yamaha), which occurred on the night of December 31 to January 1 at the exit of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia ) the day before the start of the race, “is not of accidental origin”. This is the conclusion reached by the French investigators who are taking a close interest in this file which presents terrorist suspicions. An event that occurred during a connection between Jeddah and Ha’il, on the eve of the big start of the Dakar. At kilometer 102, the pink vehicle was forced to stop suddenly. The fault of a first deafening “boom” heard by the assistant, named Walter Fortichiari before the latter noticed flames in the middle of the vehicle.

The French specialized services have discreetly carried out, in recent weeks, investigations on the wreckage of the Italian vehicle, while it was transiting through France, according to our information. “They found a projection of metal balls [à l’intérieur de l’habitacle] and elements suggesting an unusual explosive device, says a source familiar with the matter. For them, the accidental origin of the explosion is therefore excluded.”

However, the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) has not opened an investigation into this subject. Simply because he doesn’t have the skill. The explosion having targeted the assistance truck of an Italian national on Saudi soil, the anti-terrorist prosecution cannot take up the case. But these investigations were carried out in France to allow the investigators to obtain elements of context and, thus, to be able to make comparisons with the explosion of which the French pilot Philippe Boutron was the victim, on December 30, when he was was also preparing to take the start of the rally-raid. The goal is to determine, in the end, if the two explosions could have been caused by one and the same team, according to a similar operating mode.

According to our information, and as provided for in the procedure in this area, the French authorities should soon denounce the facts having targeted Camélia Liparoti’s truck and the conclusions of their investigations to the Italian authorities, the only competent authorities to be able to open a terrorist investigation.

10 million euros, the price of loyalty

The Dakar 2023 will once again take place exclusively in Saudi Arabia. Initially, this new route was to cross the Emirates or even Jordan. Saudi Arabia finally opposed it, after negotiations with Amaury Sport Organization (ASO). To convince the organization to honor its contract until 2024, the host country has, according to our information, paid an additional 10 million euros.

A case that is also closely followed by the Quai d’Orsay. The latter warned the historic Dakar broadcaster, France Télévisions, a few days ago that if he went to Saudi Arabia again in January 2023, it was at his own risk. ASO is continuing its tour of Europe to present the next edition. The organizer, who also takes care of the Tour de France, will also stop in France next Saturday at the Château de Lastours, not far from Carcassonne. Contacted, the management of Amaury Sport Organization declined to comment.

Arthur Perrot, Nicolas Pelletier and Vincent Vantighem

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