Will the final of the "Cursed Totem" sign the revenge of the outsiders?

Will the final of the “Cursed Totem” sign the revenge of the outsiders?

You have been told for years that the orientation test is the climax of Koh Lanta. Once again, mass was said last week with the tough fight between the last five candidates of the cursed totem. The penultimate episode of the TF1 game offered us beautiful unexpected moments with the qualifications of Jean-Charles and Géraldine, and left the suspense hanging over the final victory with François’ third place without forgetting the curse that will s shoot down Bastien.

The apotheosis of Jean-Charles

Jean-Charles’ wanderings in the Philippine jungle were not as difficult as that. 36 minutes is the time it took the fustier de la Loire to unhook his dagger. “I lost everything, Denis. I can not believe it. The revenge of the rankless”, he exclaimed at the time of his victory. Remember, he had not even been chosen by his comrades during the archery test… It is true that the candidate, who described himself as “ridiculous all along” his career, has not shone thanks to his sporting abilities this season.

Often among the first to fail in the tests, we did not see him qualify for the posts. Nor was Jean-Charles a thinker of strategies. He risked it once to eliminate Nicolas, the double agent of the reunited tribe, and succeeded brilliantly. It is perhaps a pity that we did not see him more at work, but by moving away from the negotiations for a good part of his adventure, he disappeared from the radars of his competitors.

The Geraldine Surprise

It is also Géraldine’s good nature that allows her to be among the contenders for the title of winner of Koh Lanta. Discreet on the camp, she was not a driving force during the events either. But all it takes is a methodical spirit, calm and a bit of luck to qualify on the posts. It’s easy to say but she proved it last Tuesday.

In a cry of relief, Géraldine was delighted to grab second place on the posts. “It’s really a twist of fate because we are the only two not to have won a single event and we are there,” she said, looking at Jean-Charles. The most important of victories, that of the posts, will it be won by the one who has never entered her name on the list this season?

A complicated end for Bastien and François?

The speech will not be the same for Bastien and François. Both have won several events and we saw them go to the end of their adventure from the launch of this edition. But have we just reached the most critical point in their journey? On paper, Bastien was on track to be the last survivor of the posts given his silhouette and his agility, but the cursed totem will complicate his task. At what point ? We do not yet know what surprises will be in store for him, but we are counting on the production of the show to respect the seriousness of the sentence.

No curse for François who will have to manage another concern: his corpulence. The firefighter, although he lost muscle mass after forty days of survival, proved that balance was not his strong point. If he does not win the final event, his opponents could choose not to face him in order to stick to the image of this “care bear season”. And therefore outsiders?

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