“The Tourist”, “Yellowstone”, “Westworld”… The series of the week

“The Tourist”, “Yellowstone”, “Westworld”… The series of the week


Before we get into the summer drought, it’s time to stock up on episodes. That’s good, the harvest of the week is abundant, from Australian thrillers to Californian comedy, via neo-western and terrifying anticipation.

“The Tourist”: amnesia in the bush

The first episode of The Tourist is hardly finished that we have already counted half a dozen shameless borrowings from classic thrillers: this motorist chased by a semi-trailer in the Australian bush, it is Duel, of Spielberg; this man who wakes up with amnesia from a brief coma and discovers his talents as a killer is Jason Bourne; this correspondent buried alive who calls him from his coffin, he is the protagonist of Buried ; this rural, blond and naive policewoman is so reminiscent of Fargo…

However, instead of rushing to the plagiarism office, the spectator of The Tourist is likely to stay planted in front of his screen. The “fault” to a relaxed, slightly ironic staging and above all to an impeccable interpretation. With his Belfast accent that stands out among all these Australians, Jamie Dornan distills just enough comedy to make us fall in love with his tough character while Danielle Macdonald is surprisingly graceful as a novice detective. Thomas Sotinel

The Tourist, series written by Harry and Jack Williams. With Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Olafur Darri Olafsson (UK, Austr., 2022, 6 x 55 min). France 2, the last three episodes on June 27 at 9:10 p.m. and in full on france.tv

“Yellowstone”: the patriarch Costner puts on his boots

Bought by the French platform Salto in 2021, Taylor Sheridan’s modern western (Sicario) and John Linson (Sons of Anarchy) has apparently found its audience: Yellowstone will be broadcast in prime time from Thursday, June 23 on TMC. A linear passage in the form of a promotion for this dark and romantic series set in the great outdoors of Montana, where the Dutton family has been raising cattle for six generations. Threatened by real estate developers and a Native American chief intent on reclaiming the land of his ancestors, the Duttons are also threatened by their family feuds, which pit a gruff patriarch (Kevin Costner, Imperial) against his two sons and daughter, even though this third season opens with an easing of relations between the youngest, Kayce, and his father.

For the rest, not much has changed in this American West where the fracture lines between the city and the rurality, tradition and modernity, the love of nature and its respect shape characters and relationships. The series may well do the union minimum in terms of script – in this season, it is an airport project that has to be fought – it continues in its staging to brilliantly dig into its subject, which is , to put it simply, that of defending a certain idea of ​​America. Less reactionary than it seems, Yellowstone On the other hand, it is never better than when it leaves the political field to delve into the hearts of its characters. And the couple that now form Rip, the orphan cowboy, and Beth, the Dutton daughter, offer some of their most touching scenes this season. Audrey Fournier

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