La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, pourrait composer un Big Three terrifiant dans la conférence Ouest, qui aurait de quoi faire trembler les Golden State Warriors de Stephen Curry

The madman Big Three that could ride with Kyrie in the West!

Possibly a free agent within a few days, Kyrie Irving could, whatever happens, leave the Nets according to the latest information. Several good leads would be available to him, including one that would see him compose a terrifying trio in the Western Conference!

The 30 NBA franchises may be on vacation, but the league never stops spinning. Therefore, there is no question for insiders such as Shams Charania to take a rest. The famous journalist The Athletic launched the offseason perfectly on Monday by dropping a huge bomb on Kyrie Irving. Unable to reach an agreement with the Nets around an extension, the star leader could therefore pack up this summer.

Whether by joining the free agency in ten days, or via a transfer, Uncle Drew could thus choose his new destination. Several could be offered to him, and not the least. If he wants to stay in the Eastern Conference he has always known, the track leading him to the Knicks could satisfy him. This could then have a direct impact on Evan Fournier. At the same time, a departure to the West would also be tempting.

The crazy trident that awaits Kyrie Irving at the Clippers

In his post revealing all of this information, Shams lists two Western Conference teams interested in Kyrie’s services. The Lakers are obviously part of it, and could reunite the former Cavalier with LeBron James via a specific scenario. The Clippers could also join the battle, and will also have to hope for a favorable development in this soap opera:

For the Clippers, the likeliest outcome to getting Irving requires him to honor his player option, given that they will be significantly above the luxury-tax and hard-cap in 2022-23.

In this case, the Clips will then have to put together the best possible offer to satisfy Brooklyn’s demands, and thus obtain the arrival of Kyrie. And according to Shams, they would have significant advantages compared to their Angelino neighbors:

To set up a trade, the Clippers will have to send between 29.3 and 45.8 million dollars in salary to the Nets and/or a third team if they recover only Irving’s. They have several elements for this that affect between $11M and $17M. For example, the departure of two or three players among Norman Powell, Marcus Morris, Luke Kennard and Reggie Jackson would suffice financially. They can also count on a collection of young players like Terance Mann or Brandon Boston to facilitate the deal.

By sending several good rotation players in their package, as well as one or two promising young players, the Clips would have something to intrigue the Nets. All while keeping their star duo Kawhi Leonard-Paul George, to which they could therefore add Irving! What probably place themselves as the biggest competitors of the Warriors next year.

Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard: this is the formidable trio that the Clippers could form this summer. For that, however, they will have to stand out from the competition, which promises to be fierce in the star leader file!

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