OL - "Winning the Champions League": The five statements to remember from John Textor and Jean-Michel Aulas

OL – “Winning the Champions League”: The five statements to remember from John Textor and Jean-Michel Aulas

It’s a day that marks a break for OL. Or a fresh start, your choice. The day after the announcement of exclusive negotiations with the American John Textor for the takeover of the club, which will quickly become its shareholder “majority“, and even “unique“As indicated by Jean-Michel Aulas on Tuesday, the two men appeared before the press to detail, point by point, the new project that awaits the Rhone club. And it wants to be ambitious. “It’s a great day for the institution but also for all the people who make it up.“announced in the preamble “JMA”, which remains in charge for at least three years. Here are the five declarations to remember.

A capital increase devoted largely to the transfer window

If there were many candidates for the takeover of OL, the choice ultimately fell on John Textor, former skateboarding champion, special effects star converted to artificial intelligence, investor in football. Why ? Aulas explains it in four points. “The first thing that brought us together was putting football at the heart of our development, he explains. Make sure to find ambition for all the teams. The second point was to make an offer that corresponded to the sellers and that was the case. John will take over the shares of two sellers, personally I will also take part in the redemption of these shares.”

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Regarding the third point, it is important: the capital increase of 86 million. “It will be devoted largely to recruitment“, announced “JMA”. Finally, the fourth objective is clear and it concerns him directly: “Be part of a relationship that has made OL Groupe so successful, so that I can stay. From the start, John wanted me to stay. It was not an absolute obligation, but it was a wish of all the fans and also of the management teams..”

Be as efficient as sovereign wealth funds

Ambitious, the Aulas-Textor duo nevertheless know they are limited in the face of certain entities, such as “a number of sovereign wealth funds” at the head of certain teams. But the will will be that “to be as effective as these sovereign wealth funds“to bring Olympique Lyonnais to the top.”From the start, he (John Textor, editor’s note) wants to get involved by having a permanent collaboration with the management team and myself“, explained Aulas, clarifying that the agreement is “intervened in the night from Saturday to Sunday“, or during the “twentieth night“negotiations with stakeholders.

“We agreed, we shook hands in the night (from Sunday to Monday, editor’s note) in video, and at 03:00 Monday everything was signed“, declared Aulas, specifying that a board of directors had validated the operation on Monday. and a gradual sale of Holnest, the family holding company of Jean-Michel Aulas, which holds 27.72% of the capital.

I want to win the Champions League

After a first intervention by President Aulas, John Textor also took the floor to introduce himself, explaining that he “a sincere love for this sport“, considering himself “like a builder“and explaining wanting to start”with social projects, in youth, education“.”I am here as a resource. Unfortunately, football is very much linked to moneyregretted the American. I have always been good at organizing investments (…) Expect me to be here often browsing the academy. I would like all clubs to become what OL is. This club represents sport, with basketball as well. OL have already crossed their borders, they are already one of the 20 biggest clubs in the world. Why would I come here with the ambition to change things? If I came in as a manager I would be a little lazy I think that’s why I come in as a resource.”

In terms of sporting objectives, Textor announced that he wanted “win championships“, come back “at the forefront of the European scene” as the “wish“President Aulas and”win the champions league“.The American”wants to be able to dream of that“. “JMA”, he recalled that the training “remains essential“and that the backbone of the first team will be”lyonnaise“next season, especially with the return of Alexandre Lacazette.

I don’t like projects like PSG

Not really a fan of “state teams‘ like PSG, as he said in an interview with CBS Sports, Textor confirmed his thought on Tuesday. “I don’t like projects like PSG. (…) If we continue to do what Jean-Michel has been doing for a few years and bring entertainment and technology to it, we will be able to earn more money than with a Qatari investor (…) I hope we can beat them next season“, dropped the future boss of OL. He also clarified shortly after not to “have debts“and not having used an LBO (borrowed takeover) to take over OL.”We buy the shares, and if we finance them with our personal assets, there is not a single dollar of debt that will be charged to the club in our acquisition. I hate that“, announced the American.

Also questioned about the possibility of becoming PSG’s main competitor, Aulas was cautious: “I don’t think you can imagine being PSG’s toughest opponent every year. But we take on a new dimension, last year we were fall champions. Today, we will have more resources and we will change strategy. The objective is to return to the highest level in the league and in the European Cup. We’re not very far. This year, we missed one or two points, maybe the point taken away against Marseille (…) I also miss the European Cup, as you know (smile).”

Aulas on his future: “A minimum of three years, and we’ll see”

Finally, regarding his personal future, Aulas confirmed that he was hired for “a minimum of three years“but leaves the door open to all assumptions about its future.”I’m not going to go back on my age, but that means a lot of sacrifice, work and fatigue. For the moment we are in a three-year deal, we will meet again to give each other news of the rest“, he confided.

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