Internet users between embarrassment and amusement

Internet users between embarrassment and amusement

Justin Timberlake delivered a remarkable performance this weekend during the Something in the Water Festival in Washington DC. The video, which went viral, left some fans puzzled.

Justin Timberlake participated in the Something in the Water Festival in Washington DC this weekend, alongside Noreaga, Chloe x Halle, Mariah the Scientist, and rapper Usher. In a video posted to TikTok by a certain @cakesscam, and which has gone viral, the 41-year-old singer can be seen performing on the DC-famous dance beat “Beat Ya Feet” during an interlude from his hit. SexyBack.

In video, the annoying performance of Justin Timberlake at Something Water Festival

Yet known for his legendary choreography, the former member of NSYNC tries a very personal version of the dance, rather singular: he can be heard shouting “DC – Beat Ya Feet”, before he starts shuffling his feet and jumping in a very uncoordinated way, displaying unusual expressions on his face. Mocked by some Internet users, Timberlake puzzled more than one fan.

“Justin Timberlake dances like a father happy that his children are returning to school”, can we read in a tweet which reflects the embarrassment aroused by the choreography.

The interpreter of Cry Me a River came on stage in a casual look, wearing a green and white short-sleeved buttoned shirt with a triangular pattern, khaki pants, and big beige and red sneakers.

The dance Beat Ya Feet, which consists of fast footwork, has been very popular in the American federal capital for more than twenty years. It was started by Marvin “Slush” Taylor in DC in the late 1990s and has its roots in the area’s black community. It is described as a “blend of laid-back funk, gospel, jazz, call and response, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms.”

This isn’t the first time Justin Timberlake has made headlines for one of his stage performances. In 2004, his failed Super Bowl halftime performance with Janet Jackson caused a lot of ink to flow. Timberlake had then torn the top of the singer, thus revealing her chest live, in front of 90 million viewers. If both then swore that it was an accident, doubts about a potential staging still remain.

“America tried to destroy Janet Jackson for this man,” reads another tweet, unflattering to Timberlake.

“I wonder if Janet and Britney sent text messages to each other,” announces this surfer, mockingly. As a reminder, the break between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears remains a painful memory for many fans of the singer.

Helping their idol

“I don’t like what I see about Justin Timberlake…. Y’all are mad he was hurting the dance… But at least he took the time to learn SOMETHING about the region he was performing in.”

“Justin Timberlake looks a little old? Um…because he’s not that 90s guy anymore. Um…humans tend to age…please stop trying to demonize old people. You talk like a bunch of young idiots.” Things are getting hot…


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