Alexia Laroche-Joubert: «Je me suis inspirée de Miss Univers pour modifier le règlement de Miss France»

“I was inspired by Miss Universe to modify the rules of Miss France”

INTERVIEW – The president of the society has chosen to change several criteria for selecting candidates for their participation in the national competition.

Miss Tahiti, the first regional election of Miss France 2023 will be held this Friday, June 24 at the town hall of Papeete. On this occasion, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, president of the Miss France society, has decided to announce the changes she has put in place within the regulations concerning the national election which will take place in Châteauroux next December. Arrived at the head of the beauty contest a year and a half ago, the producer of “Koh-Lanta” has never hidden her desire for novelty concerning the criteria for selecting candidates, such as age, marital status or permission for tattoos. She makes them a reality today, as she confides to us.

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TV MAGAZINE. – You have decided to change the rules. Why this desire?
Alexia LAROCHE-JOUBERT. – You should know that I artistically recovered the production of the program for the centenary and then created the company in July of last year. At that time, I questioned the committees a lot, I spoke with former Miss France, I got in tune with society, and above all I completely reconfigured the institution. Before, it was part of Endemol, like a department. However, I considered that Miss France had a real activity with a state of mind, rules and committees. I wanted to restore autonomy to the latter because I consider that the power of this competition is above all its territorial involvement. In my opinion, the committees are best able to judge the candidacies of the young women who present themselves to them and, to allow them that, I have changed the national rules.

That’s to say?
From now on, I only ask that young women be over 18, at least 1.70 meters tall – because they wear designer dresses and there is a minimum size requirement – and that they are of gender female civil status, which was already the case before. Finally, to preserve the spirit of the values ​​of Miss France, the candidates who present themselves must not have made pornographic films or photographs or have had criminally reprehensible remarks. The committees then adapt as they wish. Some keep the previous criteria, such as limiting the age from 18 to 24, while others follow us. I trust them, they are completely autonomous. To modify this regulation, I was inspired by Miss Universe. This competition, which welcomes women from many different countries with each specific rules, requires very few criteria. Afterwards, we stay in a beauty contest with strong values ​​defended within Miss France. What was important for me was to give back importance to territoriality. This is why there was never any question of doing a national casting to elect Miss France.

“Whether the participants are married or not, does not, I think, prevent them from participating in a beauty contest”

Alexia Laroche-Joubert

There is no age limit anymore, so a 40 year old woman can show up?
Yes, but it is not because she applies that she will be selected, the arbitration is up to the committees.

In the rules, candidates are no longer required to be single, which means that they can be married and mothers…
Today, all young women have companions. Whether the participants are married or not, does not, I think, preclude participating in a beauty contest. Regarding mothers, it was the point that was the most complex for me and also the one on which the former Miss France were skeptical. I had been asked the question during my first interview and I had replied that I myself was a mother, and even a widow, at the time when my career was on the rise, so I considered that it was not was not incompatible. On the other hand, I ask that those who present themselves be really informed and aware that a reign of Miss France requires a lot of travel in the regions. They must therefore be able to organize themselves.

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What about tattoos?
They are accepted as long as they are not tattoos that have criminally reprehensible representations, but I think that will very rarely be the case. The question arose a lot for Polynesia (Editor’s note where tattooing is considered an art and rooted in culture). And then, today, there isn’t a person who comes to any casting that isn’t tattooed. We can also hide them on stage for those who wish.

“Sylvie Tellier is the general manager of the Miss France company and she will be present on prime time for the Miss France 2023 election next December”

Alexia Laroche-Joubert

Is cosmetic surgery now accepted?
No, we always refuse it, unlike reconstructive surgery which is authorized. We do not want to proselytize with young girls who watch Miss France.

Andréa Furet, the first transgender candidate, was elected first runner-up to Miss Paris. This marks the spirit of openness that you seem to want to instil. What does this represent for you?
I think the values ​​defended by Miss France are very important. There are also evolutions and good evolutions. Andréa is extremely pretty, she perfectly matches the beauty criteria of Miss France. From the moment she has a female civil status – her sex change and her administrative procedures belong to her privacy – she followed the normal path. The goal of Miss France is to be in connection with today’s society.

Rumors announce the departure of Sylvie Tellier. What is your point of view?
Sylvie is the general manager of the Miss France company and she will be present on the prime-time of the Miss France 2023 election next December.

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