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Fanny kidnapped in front of Christian and Jacky | Chloé libre – The mysteries of love from June 25, 2022 (29×16) | The mysteries of love

Discover the full and complete summary The mysteries of love season 29 episode 16 IN ADVANCE of Saturday June 25, 2022 on TMC. Ingrid and Tania are unable to prevent Fanny’s kidnapping. Guéant was stripped of his clothes and his weapon. Béné and Aurélie allow Chloé to be released.

Your opinions on episode 16 of season 29 the mysteries of love (LMDLA S29e16) of Saturday June 25, 2022.

Christian is upset over the kidnapping of his wife

Let’s go for the mysteries of love season 29 episode 16 in advance with a broadcast on Saturday June 25, 2022. You can read the full summary of the previous episode LMDLA 29×15 on line.

Joubert returned to the RAID, he is in intervention to free Chloé de Pietro in the hospital. The assault will be given.

Guéant is unconscious, he is undressed and placed in a deserted place.

Etienne comes to see José because he needs advice about Mégane, he has the impression of being manipulated. Etienne wanted a “deep” relationship, there he has the impression of being a consumer product that we take and throw away.

jose lmdla

José, Etienne’s confidant for his romantic relationships

Jacky’s live broadcast continues with Fanny and Christian. The clip “I’ll write your name” is launched and during this time, the gang of Amazons manages to pass the reception of the channel. Christian gives Fanny his 5th gold record live.

Stephanie lmdla

Stéphanie has the support of Béné and Aurélie to negotiate with Pietro

Ingrid and Tania try to reach Christian and Fanny but in vain, they just get their answering machine. Ingrid has Boris on the phone and he tells her that the Amazons have taken action.

Jeanne remembers that Gabriella had relations with the Ministry of the Interior. Laly finds this story nonsense, Jeanne will try to see what she can do to help Hélène.

Aurélie is still fully with Pietro, she continues to send photos. Stéphanie arrives at the watersport to see Aurélie, she and Béné decide to come to try to reason with Pietro. When the time comes, Béné breaks down…she says she can’t do it. Aurélie decides to talk to Pietro… and Béné finally talks to him too. Pietro agrees to free Chloe. Then, Béné and Aurélie

The mysteries of love in advance of June 25, 2022: Chloe is saved

Joubert and Dumont talk about Stéphanie while waiting for the launch of the operation. Pietro has a gun, he took a piece of glass from the mirror in the hospital room.

helene lmdla

Helene is preparing for police custody and even prison according to Laly’s vision

Guéant wakes up in his underpants in full sun, he tries to hitchhike.

During the commercial, the Amazons attack Fanny and Christian… Tania and Ingrid try to find an entrance to enter the studio. Fanny is kidnapped, she gets into an ambulance by force.

To follow the summary The mysteries of love season 29 episode 17 aired Sunday, June 26, 2022.

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