Évelyne Dhéliat

Évelyne Dhéliat absent from the weather forecast yesterday, replaced by Ange Noiret, the real reasons revealed

An emblematic figure of meteorology for several years, Évelyne Dhéliat has won the hearts of the French. Thus, it is completely normal if the viewers were surprised not to see the host at the presentation of the weather forecast for TF1, this Sunday, June 19, 2022.

Will he definitely take the place of Évelyne Dhéliat?

That day, it was the beautiful Ange Noiret who appeared on our screens to talk about the rain and the good weather throughout France.

“Nice to meet you for this day on Sunday,” he said, starting the weather report.

Quickly, a question quickly came into the minds of viewers: will he definitely take the place of Évelyne Dhéliat or is he just a joker? TF1 has not commented on the issue so far.

What is certain is that the handsome brunette was able to count on the support of Marie-Aline Méliyi, the LCI journalist. The latter has, in fact, posted on social networks a message intended for his colleague at work.

“Concentration, a great first for Ange Noiret who presents his first weather report on TF1”, can we read.

There is no doubt that this pleased the principal concerned, who also received positive feedback from viewers.

Netizens’ comments

Of course, viewers could not help but comment on the passage of Ange Noiret on TF1. And the least we can say is that the handsome brunette was quickly validated by the French for his talent as a weather presenter. Indeed, on Twitter, many people find that Ange Noiret has done a great job.

“He assured for a first”, wrote a user.

Another notably described Évelyne Dhéliat’s replacement as “adorable”, while others found him “excellent”. Moreover, since this Sunday, June 19, 2022, the curious are surely wondering details about this young man with brown hair, who presented the weather forecast.

This is why the editorial staff decided to say a little more about him. Go to the rest of the article for more information.

Who is Ange Noiret?

Ange Noiret has certainly increased his notoriety by presenting the weather forecast on TF1, even if he is not at all unknown to the world of television. Indeed, he has been working at LCI for more than a year now. It is especially in the morning of the news channel that we have most often seen it.

On his LinkedIn profile, the handsome brunette informed that he has been working as a meteorologist for almost nine years. And that, before specifying the fact that he presents the weather daily “in television news” from now on.

Ange Noiret also reassures on his profile that his “expertise” as well as his “ease” in front of the cameras allow him to give explanations “easily and quickly” on the climate, “even the most complex”. Note that before joining TF1, the TV presenter also worked at La Chaîne Météo.

Inevitably, the beautiful brown was able to rub shoulders with other public figures by being in the world of television. Karine Durand is one of those who know Ange Noiret well. According to this former colleague of Ange Noiret, the latter is “a talented professional who has everything going for him”. Namely the “seriousness”, the “knowledge”, the “skills” and all that goes with it, but above all the “very appreciated humor”.

For Karine Durand, Ange is a “precious” colleague who knows how to make everyone around her happy. She also claims that the presenter is also “creative” whether in terms of ideas or proposals. Moreover, for those who are not aware, Ange Noiret took courses at the National School of Meteorology.

After five years of study, the handsome brunette worked as an aeronautical forecaster in the Air Force, before now becoming one of the known faces of TF1. Otherwise, Ange Noiret also has a YouTube channel where he posts his very funny decryption videos.

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