CO: places for the final are going like hot cakes

CO: places for the final are going like hot cakes

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The Castrais will be present in large numbers in Paris! This Monday, Castres supporters went to the Pierre-Fabre stadium to obtain places for the Top 14 final between the CO and the MHR which will take place on Friday.

There is no doubt that the nearly 5,000 places available to Castres supporters will not last long. This Monday, at 2 p.m., Castres Olympique opened its ticket offices at the Pierre-Fabre stadium for the sale of tickets for the Top 14 final between CO and MHR, a remake of 2018. Like last week before the semi-final in Nice, the crowd was present around the Tarn enclosure. Caps, t-shirts, jerseys and hats in CO colors were the favorite attire of supporters, eager to get their precious tickets to access the Stade de France and one of the 21 buses that will go straight to the Capital Friday morning. Since Sunday, many subscribers have reserved their places even before the opening of the ticket offices at the Pierre-Fabre stadium thanks to a link on an email sent by the club. This is the case of Martin and Hugo, CO supporters from an early age. The two friends have reserved their seats on the internet and have been waiting since 1 p.m. for the opening of the bus seat counter scheduled for 3 p.m. Present in Nice for the CO semi-final won against their great rival Toulouse, Martin and Hugo feel the enthusiasm present in the city and intend to go to Paris to experience a match as “incredible” as memorable, as it was the case last Friday on the Côte d’Azur. For some, it will be the first final. Since this season, Téo has been interested in Castres Olympique and wants to experience the atmosphere of a final at the Stade de France alongside his mother, his brother and a friend.
Like many supporters in the queue, Pascal traveled to Nice and hopes to have the same experience as last week. “I hope we will leave on time this time,” he said with humor.

Supporters as patient as they are passionate

Indeed, he was on the bus that left Gourjade Park 2h30 late last Friday. “What’s good is that everyone sings together, in blue and white”, confided Pascal who feels a “sacred union” around the five-time champion club of France. Supporter of the CO since he was 14 years old, Pascal has experienced many CO finals such as those of 1993 or 2018. Listening to Pascal, one would have the impression that Castres supporters are on a mission, that of carrying out their homework: » his players to win decisive matches against the ogres of the championship. Isabelle shares Pascal’s words. Fervent supporter of the Tarn club since college, she follows all the final stages of her heart club. For Isabelle, it is “obligatory” for her to go to Paris. La Castraise had predicted the result and even warned his work of his next absences. Happy to be able to attend the final, she did not fail to highlight and thank the Tarn club for the various aids put in place for the supporters. Since 6 a.m., Jeannot had been at the gates of the Pierre-Fabre stadium. The pensioner did not hesitate to get up at dawn. A subscriber since 1965, Jeannot has seen all the finals of his favorite club and he does not intend to miss this one. “We are the best,” he concluded. Yesterday, Les Castrais were happy and proud, after these years upset by the health crisis, “it brings a little joy, it feels good”, confided Isabelle.

Still a few places at 40€ but the 21 buses are full

We could suspect it. A final on a Friday evening, instead of the usual Saturday, did not dampen the ardor of Castres supporters to “go up” to Paris to support their team and experience the same emotions as in 2013 and 2018 for the most recent titles. All available seats in category 5, i.e. in the “kop” of the south stand reserved for the CO, have gone. There are only category 4 tickets left at 40 €. The ticket office is therefore still open at the stadium this Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for subscribers and from 2 p.m. for non-subscribers. The 21 buses mobilized by the club are already full. A waiting list has been set up in the hope of finding other buses and drivers.

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