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For some time, the map Crypto.com is beginning to gain popularity in Europe. And for good reason: a metal card, free, and which offers you cashback on all your purchases, it has something to attract customers. However, is it really a good plan or are there risks and things to know?

On the web, opinions on Crypto.com abound, most validating the concept, and some criticizing a laborious interface and too long reception times. So let’s take stock of the map Crypto.com and let’s see what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Crypto.com card: how does it work?

The Crypto.com card is a normal Visa credit card (apart from the fact that it is metal). You deposit money into your Crypto.com account, then you get a 2% refund of all payments made with this card, immediately and directly to your account Crypto.com. Regardless of store, country and currency.

Conditions for obtaining

The card is free, but to obtain it you must make an initial payment of at least €350 (for Ruby Steel, red). These funds will be blocked for 6 months and you can withdraw them afterwards (but as long as they are in the account, you keep the advantages of the card). Being stored in CROso they will be exposed to the volatility of the token CRO. In short: your €350 may lose value, but it could just as well go up (as was the case for the BNB last year).

If all this scares you, don’t worry: you can simply opt for the Midnight Blue card, which is completely free but only offers 1% cashback and no Spotify refunded. It’s already good !

Spotify and Netflix refunded

Not content with refunding you 2% of all your card payments, Crypto.com also refunds your subscription Spotify (up to $11.9/month). Concretely: the application detects a payment with the wording “Spotify” and it reimburses you the corresponding amount. This is likely to please!

Same thing for netflixbut only from Jade Green and Royal Indigo cards (3500€ down payment).

What is CRO?

the CRO (or Crypto.com Token) is a token based on theEthereum (ETH). At the time of writing, he is ranked 38th on Coinmarketcap.com. It is therefore indeed a cryptocurrency in its own right. It is in all respects comparable to the Binance Coin (BNB) of Binance. You can exchange CRO free between users of the application. You can send CRO to a wallet (wallet) external no problem (or any other cryptocurrency, for that matter).

You receive your cashback earnings in CROthat is to say that for your 10€ shopping which brought you 0.20€ of cashback, it is in fact the same amount in CRO which is credited to you (namely: approximately 1.2 CRO). But you can convert it to euros if that’s what you prefer.

The Crypto.com App

Like it or hate it, at Crypto.com it’s all done through the app. Do not try to connect to your browser from a PC: you will arrive on the platform Crypto.com (the exchange), which looks like the app but is actually a separate account.

Like this tangle of somewhat confusing interfaces, the application is perplexing: there are plenty of complicated and/or poorly translated technical terms, misplaced shortcuts, all in a rather messy atmosphere. But don’t be fooled by your first impression: the app Crypto.com, under its cluttered looks, actually hides a real Swiss army knife of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to manage your Crypto card, your wallet (to buy, sell and exchange many cryptocurrencies), to place (stacker) and mine different cryptos, send money to your loved ones, and many other things. Once you have tamed the beast, it turns out to be extremely useful and complete. But you have to get used to it first!

What about the Crypto.com card?

Finally, the map Crypto.com is really interesting for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies but without taking anything out of their pocket. You pay for your daily purchases with it, and you earn cryptocurrency without doing anything. You can then invest this cryptocurrency, exchange it or convert it into euros, Bitcoins or whatever you want. There really isn’t a downside to adopting the Crypto.com card, except that you have to hold funds in CRO to get it (350€ for the red one). The Hong Kong exchange is the number 1 competitor of Binancemuch to the delight of crypto-enthusiasts and other technophiles!

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