Canadian Grand Prix - Bonus-malus: Verstappen (Red Bull) too strong, Sainz (Ferrari) too tender, Alonso capricious

Canadian Grand Prix – Bonus-malus: Verstappen (Red Bull) too strong, Sainz (Ferrari) too tender, Alonso capricious

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There was never really any doubt about the identity of the winner. The safety car regimes had the merit of maintaining a great suspense at the end of the race. Some pilots also gave us great manoeuvres. But DRS trains are still a problem. Even on one of the best Formula 1 circuits.

Canadian Grand Prix

Verstappen, everything that separates the wolf from the pack


The winner: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

Max did Verstappen. When the lights went out, the Dutchman quickly calmed Alonso’s enthusiasm with a perfect start. On the track, the warmth of his temperament – ​​he didn’t appreciate being in the Hamilton exhaust after his first stop, and let it be known – always contrasts with the coldness of his riding. Under pressure for fifteen laps, the reigning world champion did not make the slightest mistake.

Here he is already at six wins this season. The Batavian has given a big blow to the steering wheel on the helmet of his rivals. Without his two retirements, he would already have the crown in his hands. At this rate, the leader of Red Bull could quickly get Alonso…

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after his victory at the Canadian Grand Prix, June 19, 2022

Credit: Imago

The big winner: Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)

This time, Sainz has no excuse. With a safety car, tires that had six laps less than those of Max Verstappen and the DRS, the Spaniard had never been in such a favorable position to seek his first success in F1. Well placed on several occasions, the son of the world rally champion may have lacked a bit of nerve. Even if he assured, on the radio, “have tried everything“.

Something tells us that in the opposite situation, Verstappen would have given it a shot. This is the second time that Sainz has let a success slip away from him, after Monza 2020. Too bad, Ferrari and Charles Leclerc needed it. And be careful not to get stuck: 149 Grands Prix, 11 podiums but none on the top step… that’s starting to be a lot.

The big disappointed: Sergio Pérez (Red Bull)

For Pérez, it’s already the end of the mirage. Refreshed after his renewal at Red Bull and excellent results, the Mexican gave up his false hopes in a broken gearbox. A break may be caused by his exit from the track in qualifying on Saturday. Here he is pushed back to 46 points from his teammate, only 3 units ahead of Charles Leclerc. And therefore again condemned to stoppage.

The crazy series: George Russell (Mercedes)

Nine Grands Prix, nine finishes in the Top 5. Russell kept his good habits in Montreal, when he had tried a very (too) daring bet the day before in qualifying, by trying to complete a comeback with slicks.

In the championship standings, the Briton is still ahead of Carlos Sainz. And is only 15 points behind Charles Leclerc. Considering the sheer performance gap between the Ferrari and the Mercedes, it’s remarkable.

Penalized: Fernando Alonso (Alpine)

A dream Saturday, a nightmarish Sunday. After putting on a show in qualifying, Alonso was disappointed in the race. The Spaniard suffered from a problem with his energy recovery system which cut off a good part of its top speed from the 20th lap of the race. Which compelled him todrive like a kamikaze“. Including to keep his seventh place ahead of Valtteri Bottas at the very end of the race.
Problem: the race direction did not appreciate his zigzags in a straight line and imposed a penalty of 5 seconds. Enough to demote him to ninth place.

Fernando Alonso (Alpine) at the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix

Credit: Getty Images

The relieved: Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo)

Points, finally! Frankly unlucky in recent weeks, Zhou has been rewarded with an encouraging and studious first part of the season. Relieved of reliability issues, the Chinese finished eighth, behind team-mate Valtteri Botras, after the penalty imposed on Alonso. Two deserved points that will do him good.

The bonus: The rise of Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

The Monegasque did not achieve his goal of fourth place. But on a circuit in the name of a driver dear to Scuderia fans, Gilles Villeneuve, Leclerc had to delight the tifosi. When in attack mode, Ferrari’s darling is probably the most spectacular driver.

Some of his maneuvers were worth seeing, especially on the two Alpines. And to hear him, breathless on the radio as he honked behind Ocon, we say to ourselves that he really has nothing to be ashamed of.

The malus: The words of Fernando Alonso (Alpine)

The driver from Oviedo had given the smile with teasing on Saturday. On Sunday, he missed his communication. On the radio, first, by demanding an exchange of position with Esteban Ocon on the pretext that he had been faster “the whole weekend“. Then in the press area, then, repeating that the reliability problems only affected “car number 14“. Odd.

The number: 82

With this new victory, the 82nd, Red Bull has become the fifth most successful team in history, ahead of Lotus (81). Fourth, Williams is still a long way off (114) but is no longer advancing.

The optimistic statement: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

Red Bull and Ferrari are a little too fast for us. But we are getting closer. We have to keep working hard to be able to hope to fight with these guys.

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