Les 12 coups de midi : Alexandre éliminé, voici pourquoi il ne touchera pas ses 77 047 € !

Alexandre eliminated, here’s why he won’t receive his €77,047!

Alexandre was the latest champion in the issue of 12 strokes of noon. But, it’s the end clap for the candidate who has not been unworthy and has had a good career. Indeed, a great success for this HPI nurse who won a nice booty! On the other hand, he will not be able to receive all of his money. We explain why!

The 12 strokes of noon : Alexandre does not really leave with more than 70,000 euros!

Alexandre was on the set of 12 strokes of noon from the month of May. Thus, he had time to create a beautiful complicity with the favorite animator of the French, Jean-Luc Reichmann. Thanks to this adventure, the candidate won more than 70,000 euro. A beautiful booty to carry out his projects. But, apparently, even if he doesn’t leave with empty pockets, he won’t get all of his money. Find out why below!

End of this beautiful course for the last champion of the 12 strokes of noon

This Tuesday, June 14, a page has turned for the young nurse of 35 years in the adventure of 12 strokes of noon on the first channel. In all, he won the precise sum of 77,047 euros. But, he’s not going to get it all back in cash. Indeed, it will have a part in money and another in gifts!

During an interview with journalists, the candidate of the 12 strokes of noon returns to its elimination. He regrets having answered two wrong answers when he had the right ones in his head. He could have stayed even longer in the midday game. This one lost on the themes of animals with tails and TV shows titled with a number or digit. Thus, Jean-Luc Reichmann will have to find another champion!

Why is the candidate not going to enjoy all his money?

Apparently these are the rules of 12 strokes of noon. Indeed, the winner has no choice at all. He receives part of his winnings in money and the rest in present. Moreover, the amount won is less than that received in value. In addition, it will only be in the Etoile sign. During the interview, Alexandre confided that he was going to leave with 38,050 euros from the 12 strokes of noon. That makes a hell of a difference from the sum listed at the end of his run on the show. The rest is in the indicated store before he will have to spend it. On the other hand, we do not know if he is totally free to buy what he wants or if the products are defined in advance. We’ll find out eventually!

What are his dreams after the show?

But what interests us now are his plans for the future! Indeed, we love to know what the candidate will do with this money earned in the 12 strokes of noon. Well, Alexandre wants to go back to studying journalism. But, he is not yet completely sure of his choice: “I don’t know if I will complete this project,” he admits. This one would dream of becoming a sports journalist! Even though his nursing profession as a vocation, he would like to discover new things. So he would be ready to try out for the team. Let’s hope for him that the newspaper has heard his call!

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