Zone Interdite - "Worst scam in the world", "Marketing is magic": Internet users protest against the price of a cabin rented by grandparents

Zone Interdite – “Worst scam in the world”, “Marketing is magic”: Internet users protest against the price of a cabin rented by grandparents

Direct M6 screen capture/Forbidden Zone

Zone Interdite offered this Sunday, June 19, 2022 on M6 an immersion in several campsites in France. The opportunity to discover a very large Breton campsite, including a water park as well as accommodation as unusual as tree houses. But the high price of the night in these original rentals certainly, but also Spartan, shocked some Internet users.

This Sunday, June 19, 2022, viewers who were not interested in deciphering the results of the legislative elections, could tune in to M6 to watch Zone Interdite. The magazine hosted by Ophélie Meunier was interested in a subject rather removed from politics: the French who choose to offer themselves camping holidays or to become owners. And they have a choice because France is the European country that contains the most, with more than 7500 campsites present on the territory.

The show’s teams thus followed the summer life of three independent campsites “which compete in ingenuity” to satisfy their customers. One in Vias in the Hérault, the other in the Gorges du Verdon and finally the third in Brittany near Saint-Malo. The latter, called the Domaine des Ormes, is one of the largest campsites in France and even has a half-hectare water park. Zone Interdite followed its boss Arnaud, a lord happy to unveil the giant swimming pool to his customers and concoct a surprise pool party for them.

Viewers were also able to meet Clémentine, an employee responsible for checking the cleanliness of the rentals, or the Levèques, a family of customers. Sabrina, a specialist educator, and Sylvain, a truck driver, have settled there with their rudimentary caravan, which has neither a shower nor a toilet. And for them, the holidays promise to be rather epic, starting with the preparation of meals…

In addition to these free pitches, the 5-star campsite offers other types of accommodation, as shown by the arrival of a new family of vacationers, the Batardières. Chantal and Claude, 70, have decided to please their six grandchildren by offering them an original stay. The little troop has indeed chosen to sleep in a large wooden cabin perched in the trees. If the idea was very attractive on paper, the six children somewhat lost their smiles when they discovered that there was no electricity, water or wifi. Gabin, one of them, also very quickly discovered the happiness of dry toilets…

The grandparents for their part were very satisfied to offer their descendants a stay without phones or tablets. But to do this, Chantal and Claude still had to dip generously into their wallets. As indicated by the voice-over of Ophélie Meunier, the price of a night in this most Spartan cabin amounts to 300 euros. A sum that has made some Internet users jump! According to some of them, the marketing of this accommodation which follows the world of “digital detox” is very well put together.

The adventure did not stop there because the “papua” made a mistake by forgetting the suitcase containing the children’s clothes and toothbrushes. What plunge them a little more into a life of Robinson. Never mind, at the end of their stay, the grandparents and their grandchildren said they were delighted. One of the grandsons even said that such a vacation was more enjoyable than a vacation with access to tablets! A box full for Chantal and Claude.

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