Transfer market: Galtier, remarkable human management

Transfer market: Galtier, remarkable human management

Christophe Galtier is close to committing to PSG. Some are skeptical about the arrival of the French coach on this prestigious bench. To qualify, some of these former players and collaborators paint the portrait of a strong coach in human management, in particular, in L’Équipe.

Everything suggests that Christophe Galtier will be the next PSG coach, succeeding Mauricio Pochettino. Faced with these echoes which have lasted for several weeks already, many are those who are skeptical about this choice on the part of the Parisian club. Some of these former players and collaborators took the floor and painted the portrait of a strong coach who was particularly appreciated in his human management in L’Équipe. The former Lille is even ” the strongest he has seen in this area in the eyes of Sidney Govou.

From OL to ASSE, a signal human management

The former Lyonnais, who knew him as OL assistant in 2007/2008, is not the only one to recognize this ability in Galtier: “ The relationship between Christophe and the players is his strong point. He knows how to get in touch with them, he has a listening ear, an empathy, a dialogue. “The words of Alain Perrin go in the same direction as those of Max-Alain Gradel, passed by Saint-Étienne where the one who is very close to PSG had remained eight seasons:” He is sincere, he thinks a lot about the group and knows how to manage egos. He knows how to talk to a young person and an executive in front of the group. He knew how to give us confidence, he takes into consideration the small details, in particular the family, he takes news. »

At PSG, this know-how should be particularly useful to him, according to Alain Perrin: “ In a group like PSG, you have to know how to impose yourself with the forms. “The fact remains that Christophe Galtier has never settled on such a recognized bench. Not a problem in the eyes of Joshua Guilavogui, former ASSE: ” We stick a trainer label on him but he had players with character, Payet, Aubameyang, Brandao… These are guys who are out of the ordinary. […] He’s got that intelligence to stick to a game plan. »

A profile suitable for PSG?

In addition, Christophe Galtier is obviously far from being a bad tactician, as he has already been able to prove during these matches against PSG, whether with Saint-Étienne, Lille, or Nice. ” He is very rigorous, he still has this image of a leader of men, but you don’t win just by saying “We put them on the table.” This talk doesn’t last long », Supports Guivalogui. The French coach prefers to focus on the team and its preparation, not so much on building the squad. A point that could avoid tensions with the management of PSG, where everything has not always been a long calm river between the coach and his recruiters.

In Lille, the duo formed by Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos had worked. It remains to be seen whether it will be the same at PSG if the arrival of the 55-year-old man is confirmed soon. According to Max-Alain Gradel, ” it has everything it takes to succeed. The future will tell us if he was right.

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