Hercule film en live-action

The remake of Hercules at Disney promises to be muscular!

The remake of Hercules is becoming clearer, he finds a director. The adventure promises to be tough!

Disney continues to recycle films from its golden age, offering them a foray into reality. After The Lion King, Pinocchio, The Lady and the Tramp and so many others, it’s the turn ofHercules to be offered a remake live action. 25 years after its release on our screens, the zero-turned-hero is about to return in another form.

If few details on the plot have so far been shared, we can expect that the latter will follow rather faithfully that of the animated film. It will thus be a question of following the young Hercules, when he has to deal with an inhuman strength and a certain clumsiness. However, he has no choice, he must become a hero to save Ancient Greece from the dreadful Hades.

We learned a few weeks ago that it’s Joe and Anthony Russo who would be in production. The filmmakers have not yet drawn a line under their collaboration with the firm with the big ears, 3 years later avengers : Endgame. They are not alone on board since Disney has just revealed the identity of the person who will act behind the camera. He is also a regular at the house.

A gentleman in a toga

This isn’t the first time Guy Ritchie has collaborated with Disney. The filmmaker had also staged another adaptation live actionfrom an equally popular classic. In 2019, Ritchie was interested in the fate of a certain AladdinthiefAgrabah who will fall under the spell of a mysterious princess. It was Will Smith who then camped the famous blue genius. As of now, the cast of Hercules has not been revealed. We can nevertheless expect Disney to say more in the next few days.

There is little chance, however, that we find members of the original cast. As a reminder, it is Tate Donovan who lent his voice to the mythological hero. Danny DeVito embodied himself Philoctetesthe mentor of young Hercules. We can hope that Disney finds the arguments to bring him back in front of the camera. Finally, it was James Woods who camped the antagonist Hades and Susan Egan was playing Megara.

For the moment, we will not know much more. We will probably have to wait a few months to find out which actors will be in the cast of this remake. However, we can expect this Gangster movie lover to prepare breathtaking action scenes for us, so we will have to recruit big guys to take on the role of acrobat and superstar of antiquity.

Until then, we will soon find another film in live action inspired by a classic Disney animation. It is Pinocchiostarring Tom Hanks as Gepetto. He has to go out Disney+ next September and will be directed by Robert Zemeckis. Then we expect a remake of The little Mermaid with Rob Marshall directing and Halle Bailey in the skin of the main character.

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