Florent Pagny malade : les énormes doutes de sa femme Azuneca sur leur vie en Patagonie

the enormous doubts of his wife Azuneca about their life in Patagonia

Florent Pagny’s life is not a long calm river. More than ever, he must now save his marriage before it sinks!

When he shot this episode of Can’t wait for Sunday, Florent Pagny was billions of light-years away from imagining that he would fall ill. In great shape, he presented us with his close circle. Apart from friends who can be counted on the fingers of one hand, he can rely on the unwavering support of his wife. Since their meeting, he knows that it is his soul mate. In this article, Objeko explained to you that at the beginning, the latter had a lot of trouble identifying him. Still hurt by his breakup with Vanessa Paradis, the singer took refuge behind irony. However, all the specialists agree that the use of the second degree is proof of hypersensitivity! Once the titanium shell of the artist disappears, what will happen?

This decisive meeting for Florent Pagny

In the early 90s, Florent Pagny was at a turning point in his career. Those who are under 30 ignore him, but he started as an actor. Secretly passionate about music, he decided to take the plunge. As he never does anything halfway, he takes singing lessons. He was so right since the hits follow one another at the speed of light. In addition, the fact that he meets his other half at a meal with friends is no coincidence. That evening, Cupid rubs his hands and gives a little push. To move forward serenely, he needs a woman by his side. She has all the qualities he is looking for: intelligent, sweet and lovely. They have everything to be happy…or almost!

However, against all odds, Florent Pagny wants to take some distance from the capital. For Azucena, it’s bad! She precisely chose to leave her native country to launch her career as a painter. And what better than Paris to achieve your goals. Under the instance of the singer, she ends up weighing the pros and cons. On the one hand, she feels like she’s going backwards. On the other hand, she cannot decently let this happiness slip away. After several weeks of hesitation, she sides with her man. Forced to put her gift on hold, she will then devote herself to the education of their two marvels Aël and Inca. Objeko cannot resist telling this precious anecdote. Did you know that she designed the record cover Know how to love ? This particular style has also contributed to the sale of several thousand opuses. Is the loop closed? Not quite !

Azucena threatens him with the worst

Moreover, speaking of his princess, it is the exact copy of his mother. We could recently see her in the press since she regularly gives news of Florent Pagny. This photo of the singer with a cane broke our hearts into a thousand pieces. However, thanks to our unwavering support and the patience of those close to her, she should soon disappear. Finally, we cross our fingers that this is the case. For example, on the set of the grand finale of this part of The Voice, his vocal cords were found to be intact. And that, it puts us balm in the soul for the rest of his adventures! In a recent video, he promised us that he would resume his tour in 2023. Well, only if he is sufficiently refreshed and has the agreement of the doctors!

Dear reader ofObjeko, in your opinion, with hindsight, does Azucena regret never having broken through as a painter? Obviously not since she watches him like milk on the fire. As proof, during the filming of The Voice, Florent Pagny mentioned it. Listening to this love song about the loss of a loved one, he can’t help but think about his case. These two, they will adore each other until death and even beyond, it’s obvious! We wish them that everything goes back to normal as soon as possible. And who knows, after the heaviness of the protocol and the disease has disappeared from the radar, maybe there will be even more complicity and respect? The rest is bound to be in the next issue ofObjeko ! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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