Slimane dad, the singer finally reveals the face of his daughter…, the love of his life

It is the dream of some men to be able to start a family with their beloved. Slimane was able to achieve this since he has a daughter a few months old. Since the birth of the latter, the subscribers of the singer would like to see his face. In this article, we will reveal what the artist showed to his fans to set the record straight. Note that it’s quite hilarious and read until the end to see the surprise.

Slimane has become a dad

Slimane is living his best life becoming a father at the age of 32. The winner of The Voice season 5 show shared this info on his Instagram account towards the end of January. The singer indicated that: “I am both very happy to tell you what I am going to announce to you, because I am living the most beautiful moment of my life”. The newborn is called Esmeralda and she was born rather than expected.

He was a little worried during the birth but luckily the child is in great shape. Recently, Nikos Aliagas specified that Esmeralda is a blessing for Slimane. The latter added: “what I have been looking for all my life, it is fatherhood that has brought it to me”. The singer confided that he was finally able to share all the love he had in him. In any case, the presenter of The Voice is happy for him as well as the whole team of the show.

The singer is very discreet

Slimane is very reserved about his personal life. Already, no one has been able to know the identity of Esmeralda’s mother since there is no never had a picture which circulated online. Some think he is in a relationship with Vitaa but know that the link between these 2 singers is simply friendly. Moreover, Vitaa is already married and mother of 3 children. Like what, there is no reliable source concerning this beautiful stranger who is supposed to be the partner of the singer.

On top of that, Slimane has yet to show his child’s face. However, he shares everything he does from his social networks: “every time I change a diaper, every time I give a bottle, every time she looks at me”. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that he will never disclose the face of his little Esmeralda. But recently, he changed his mind or not regarding this principle. See that in the next paragraph.

Slimane has decided to show his daughter’s face, or not!

Last Saturday, Slimane shared a video of his daughter that made subscribers cry with laughter. The artist explained in this video that his daughter has kept him up since 4am. There was his little girl lying on the bed but he had fun with her application filters. Indeed, the singer did not show the face of her baby but transformed it.

Slimane was happy to put on a filter that allowed you to change Esmeralda’s face with a blonde wig, XXL earrings and extravagant makeup. No chance to see baby’s real face in the video. Everyone was surprised but also howled with laughter. However, everyone understands the choice of the singer who intends to preserve the identity of his child.

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