Sacha Distel: Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau... Who were the women in his life?

Sacha Distel: Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau… Who were the women in his life?

Sacha Distel will star in the film Sans mobile apparent, broadcast on C8 this Sunday, June 19. The opportunity to discuss the private life of the actor.

It was in 2004 that Sacha Distel died, at the age of 71. The jazz star made an impression with, in particular, songs appreciated by all generations. However, he had also made a name for himself in the cinema and will star in the film Without apparent mobile, broadcast on C8 this Sunday, June 19. The opportunity to discuss his private life since he was seen alongside well-known and appreciated personalities. Among them, there are stars of the French song Dalida or Mireille Mathieu. Thereafter, it is in the arms of Juliette Greco that he found love at a gala dedicated to the singer and which took place at the Olympia. He then succumbed to the charms of Jeanne Moreau. “One day, I chained the pieces, head in the ropes as if to better forget my worries, and when I raised the head, a gorgeous brunette was there and glared at me,” he first revealed in his autobiography, Clocks on time. A meeting that had changed his life: It’s Jeanne Moreau”, the bartender slipped me. I found her numberwhich I immediately formed on my dial”. Both had a beautiful love story.

Sacha Distel took advantage of his life and, after having shared the life of Jeanne Moreau, it was alongside Brigitte Bardot that we could see him. Together they released the title You are the sun of my life, which was a resounding success. The couple met in the summer of 1958 and lived a short romance, which however marked them a lot. Subsequently, it is with Francine Breaud, the alpine ski champion, that the actor started a family. Both met in 1961 and said “yes” two years later in Megève. From their union will be born Lawrencein 1963 then Julianin 1967. This relationship is much talked about, especially since Sacha Distel is known for his many conquests. However, Francine Bréaud trusts him and does not let the critics get him down. Even after the death of the artist in July 2004, the champion had still not found love, seventeen years after her disappearance. “No other man pleases me. Some have tried… As they get older, some look back on their past. I always project myself into the future. It’s the only way to survive“, she said in the columns of France Info.

Sacha Distel: what did he die of?

It was in 2004 that the death of Sacha Distel, aged 71, was announced. A few years later, his two sons agreed to confide in him. “He had thyroid cancer in the mid-1970s, followed by vocal cord surgery. For a singer it was hard“, said Julien Distel in the columns of Here Paris. Subsequently, he clarified that his father had multiplied health problems. “He had a melanoma of the skin, the healing percentage of which is only 2%.“, he remembered before adding: “He did chemo, and got away with it. Then doctors diagnosed him with colon cancer, too late“. A pathology that was fatal to him. Despite the years, Sacha Distel has never been forgotten by his relatives but also his fans.

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