RUGBY. Mais en fait, pourquoi la France U20 n’a appelé aucun joueur d’Aurillac, champion de France espoir ?

RUGBY. But in fact, why France U20 did not call any player from Aurillac, champion of France hope?

On Sunday June 12, the news made the rounds of Rugby Hexagon. After beating Clermont and Perpignan in the skin of the outsider, the young people of Aurillac offered themselves the champion of France in title in the final of the championship of France Espoir. A major feat that risks bringing this generation to the top for their future career. Quite quickly, we therefore imagined the generation of Aurillac to be scrutinized at the level of the selections, but it was not. At first, the preparation group for the U20 Summer Series, a mock U20 World Cup, was lacking.VIDEO. HOPES. The apotheosis of Aurillac, champion of France hope against ToulousePublished on June 2, the list was still subject to change and awaiting the final verdict. Finally, the latter was released on June 17 and… Same. Waloo. No. No. No French champion from Aurillac is planned in the U20 group that will work and play this summer. However, players from other teams present in the semi-finals of the France Espoir championship (UBB, Toulouse and Perpignan) are present. We even find some young top 14 headliners like Léo Barré, Louis Bielle-Biarrey and Théo Ntamack. So, the finding is surprising at first glance, but is it cruel for Aurillac?

A cosmopolitan and experienced team

To know this, it is necessary to analyze the profiles present in the Aurillac group. As an example, we will therefore, of course, take the 23 players lined up in the final against Toulouse. Among them, it is thus necessary to isolate the players selectable for France. However, in the list of 23 players present for the final, a majority of them do not seem to be fit to play for France. For at least 13 of them, the XV of France U20 would not be their logical selection. Although they can still apply for it, in the future, after meeting the necessary conditions. So what about the remaining 11 players? To apply for this selection, you must be born no later than 2002. In this way, only the Aveyronnais Hugo Bastard (born in 2002) respects these conditions in the starting XV of the Aurillacois Espoirs. On the bench of substitutes, only three other players respect these two conditions.RUGBY.  French team.  Haddad, Tolofua, Le Garrec, these tricolor talents in the sights of GalthiéRUGBY. French team. Haddad, Tolofua, Le Garrec, these tricolor talents in the sights of GalthiéMoreover, the diversity of his group in terms of age and horizons is precisely one of the keys to the title of the young men of Cantal. If the title did not open the doors of Les Bleuets to them, it will have had the merit of building a solid group, with an unforgettable epic. For next season, at least 14 players from this squad should also join the professional group in Pro D2. Another way to extend the adventure. In addition, the France U20 coach spoke in an official statement. Thus, Jean-Marc Bederede expressed his desire for continuity in the national group. He declares :

It is both a continuity, but above all the result of an evaluation over the whole year. We have seen the boys in their club, in selection training or with the various teams of France under 18 or under 20. The choices were difficult since we were going to Italy without players who deserved to be there, but these are selection choices.

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