OL formalize the exclusive negotiation for the sale of the club to John Textor

OL formalize the exclusive negotiation for the sale of the club to John Textor

OL are not yet entering a new era. But it won’t be long. In a press release, the Rhone club indeed confirmed exclusive negotiations with John Textor, described as a “major player in the world of technology“, through its holding company Eagle Football Holdings LLC. These discussions have been initiated”with a view to the acquisition by the latter of a majority stake in OL Groupe, followed by a simplified mandatory takeover bid“. A press conference will take place on Tuesday at 4 p.m. with Jean-Michel Aulas, who will remain at the head of the club for a time, and John Textor.

The one whose personal fortune is estimated at 3 billion euros should thus buy back the shares of Pathé and IDG. The OL press release recalls that John Textor “currently holds an approximate 40% stake in Crystal Palace Football Club of the English Premier League, an 80% stake in Racing White Daring Molenbeek of the Belgian Pro League 1B, and a 90% stake in Botafogo Futebol Club of the Brazilian Serie A“.

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This operation would lead to a complete sale of the interests of Pathé and IDG“, which represent respectively 19.36% and 19.85% of the capital of OL Groupe, “and the progressive liquidity of Holnest, the family holding company of Jean-Michel Aulas“, historical president of the club which holds 27.72% of the capital, specifies the press release of the group, which had requested Monday the suspension of its quotation on the stock exchange.Eagle Football would therefore hold, following these acquisitions, 66.56% of the share capital.“, it is announced. “The sudden departure of Pathé and IDG nevertheless allows the arrival of John Textor, capable of accompanying and supporting these same ambitions.reacted Jean-Michel Aulas. This new shareholder will be an accelerator for our current and future projects.

“significant” investments

In this context, OL Groupe today held a meeting of its Board of Directors, which welcomed these developments and authorized the management of OL Groupe to participate in exclusive negotiations with Eagle Football, Holnest, Pathé and IDG Capital“, specify the Gones. A possible takeover would thus have several advantages detailed in the press release, including in particular the “strengthening of the financial structure of OL Groupe, which would benefit from a reserved capital increase of around €86 million (…)” “The proceeds from the capital increase would be used to make significant investments, particularly in sports teams, as well as in infrastructure“says Lyon in its press release.

For his part, Jean-Michel Aulas would remain in his post for “three years“.”The continuation of OL Groupe’s strategy, under the leadership of Jean-Michel Aulas, whose term as CEO would be renewed for at least 3 years, and with the support of the entire current management team and the Committee Executive of the Company, which would remain unchanged. Jean-Michel Aulas would also join the management of Eagle Footbali to support its development and that of all the clubs in which Eagle Football holds a stake.“, adds OL.

Olympique Lyonnais will be the cornerstone of our projectexplained John Textor. I intend, with the support of Jean-Michel and his teams, to bring out the values ​​of development and self-improvement for which I have always been committed. I want to give all the fans of Olympique Lyonnais the additional means so that the institution can regain the highest level, in France and in Europe, while respecting the values ​​of OL’s DNA such as youth, work, self-sacrifice and this spirit which allows all the talents of the whole world to have access to the high level thanks to our involvement in the academies. Seen from the United States, OL is the ideal platform to make football a success story.”

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