Married at first sight – Cyndie tells her four truths to Jauffrey during the balance sheet, internet users outraged

Married at first sight – Cyndie tells her four truths to Jauffrey during the balance sheet, internet users outraged

In “Married at first sight”, during the assessment in front of the experts, the young bride criticized Jauffrey’s behavior. (M6 screenshot)

Will love always be there? This is precisely the whole issue of the evening of this Monday, June 20, on the occasion of the broadcast of a new episode of “Married at first sight”, on M6. Between still deep feelings and great disappointments, it’s time to take stock for several couples born under the eyes of viewers. In the presence of the experts who supported and accompanied them throughout the experience, Cyndie and Jauffrey must this evening answer a crucial question: continue their life together or divorce? During the episode broadcast tonight, the young woman wanted to tell her four truths about Jauffrey in front of Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter. A behavior that has scandalized many Internet users.

There is water in the gas. This Monday, June 20, in the new episode of “Married at first sight”, Cyndie and Jauffrey will have to make the most important decision of all: stay married or divorce? Complicity, humor… after only a few weeks of marriage and a dream honeymoon, Cyndie and Jauffrey quickly became very close. However, back in France, the newlyweds, 76% compatible, had to learn to share their daily lives. And that’s where it hurts. Very quickly, after their honeymoon, everyone was hoping for a rapprochement between the beautician and the lifeguard. Cyndie even invited her husband to spend a night at her house. Unfortunately, after dinner, the 39-year-old swimmer fell asleep and preferred to go to bed, leaving Cyndie alone in front of the television. First big disappointment for the young bride. Later, the young woman was able to discover the universe of her husband by going to his apartment. Although she had been warned (Jauffrey had been living in her apartment for two months), she was quickly taken aback: work in progress, poorly fitted furniture, toilets not repaired… for Cyndie, that’s for sure, this apartment is the one of a teenager, certainly not that of a married man. The young bride even had to assemble a piece of furniture!

“She couldn’t talk about it before?”

During the assessment against Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter, the experts of the show, Cyndie and Jauffrey had the opportunity to return to their extraordinary adventure in “Married at first sight”. Full of doubts, Cyndie particularly apprehends this moment. “I have the impression that our relationship is already three years old, without a game of seduction, without knowing the person” she confided earlier in the show. The newlyweds, wishing to start a family, were able to confide in the face of the experts. If Cyndie used humor to convey certain messages to Jauffrey, during this assessment, the young woman was much more direct, much more concrete. She drew a critical portrait of her husband, about his way of life, his lack of attention to her, his apartment. A portrait that Jauffrey probably discovered precisely on the occasion of this assessment. Shocked by his wife’s revelations, Jauffrey commented: “I didn’t think it was that serious.” Following these explanations, the couple decided to divorce. This report – and the behavior of Cyndie in particular – scandalized Internet users.

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