Heidi Klum in an ultra-short dress without panties, she charms the web!

Heidi Klum in an ultra-short dress without panties, she charms the web!

It is in a completely original outfit that Heidi Klum made us melt in this period of full heat wave. The model who had taken advantage of the summer heat to appear in her best light. It is thus through a sparkling dress that shone with a thousand lights under the spotlights that she was noticed in the streets of Los Angeles. Suffice to say that in addition to having looked away, she had also caused the admiration of her subscribers. The latter could not help but react to such beauty which seemed to have come straight out of a dream.

Heidi Klum raises the temperature

This video of Heidi Klum had not taken long to be broadcast everywhere on social networks. For good reason, she had opted for a micro-dress that almost did not come to her thigh. The comments of Internet users had also spoken of the design of her outfit, one detail of which had not escaped the fans. She probably wasn’t wearing panties underneath her outfit, but we believe her when she says it was just for fun. This famous model in the fashion world has in any case amazed everyone by the originality of the design of her dress.

Anyone will agree, this Heidi Klum outfit was quite daring. However, she is used to causing a sensation and being placed in the spotlight since her first steps in modeling. So many unusual and improbable outfits that she had to wear throughout her career. She also has several film appearances in her CV, namely Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City and How I Met Your Mother. An impressive track record of major productions that ranks her among the greats. It is thus normal that we can see her walking the streets of Los Angeles in such an outfit without being worried.

A breathtaking outfit

This outfit worn by Heidi Klum is in some ways part of her fantasies. The actress had indeed appeared several times with her Instagram account before launching. We have to believe that the effect was immediate with more than 27,000 likes collected in just a few hours. A real record but which is no longer surprising given its notoriety within its community. You will agree that the 70 comments that followed could only compliment her at first for her creativity. Also for the audacity she has demonstrated.

The next generation is ready

Heidi Klum is still endowed with the same perfect body that we knew from her debut. It’s as if time had no power over her. Remember that she is currently 49 years old. However, nothing has changed if we compare the endless legs she has today and those that had forged her reputation before. Her daughter is also ready to take over as evidenced by a recent photo in which mother and daughter pose together. The resemblance is so striking that it looks like a young version of the model. Leni Klum is in full bloom and we would not be surprised to see her shine with a thousand lights in the near future. Attention that she deserves from her mother’s admirers.

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