Cyndie and Jauffrey (Married at first sight) divorce after a surprise settling of accounts

Cyndie and Jauffrey (Married at first sight) divorce after a surprise settling of accounts

Everything was no longer rosy on the side of Cyndie (33 years old, beautician), 76% compatible with Jauffrey (39 years old, lifeguard, swimming coach and former top swimmer). If during the wedding and their honeymoon, they were more accomplices than ever, the young woman became disillusioned when they returned to France. They did not manage to take the step of the carnal relationship and Cyndie found that Jauffrey was not really put down. What install some doubts in his mind. And they were always present during the episode of Married at first sight 2022 of June 20.

Still completely lost, Cyndie called on her little sister Eloise to discuss her doubts. She pointed out that the routine had already settled in their couple. “For me, it’s a bit of a last chance, the balance sheet“, she continued.

Indeed, Cyndie wanted to wait for their one-on-one with the experts. Far from suspecting what was going on in the head of his wife, the great friend of Florent Manaudou and Frédérick Bousquet was quite confident when he arrived at the meeting place. After discovering their wedding album, not without emotion, they were finally able to chat with Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter.

Jauffrey in shock

After reminiscing about the good times of their meeting and their honeymoon, it’s time for THE long-awaited discussion by Cyndie. “I thought he wasn’t too interested in me.“, she first pointed out to the experts. shock Jauffrey who thought everything was fine. He was not at the end of his surprises since his wife then regretted not having had a lot of news when they returned to France. The charming brunette recalled that during his working hours he couldn’t use his phone and then they were in touch.

When discussing the distance between them, Jauffrey and Cyndie admitted that they did not see each other (he is in Marseille and she in Grasse). Then Cyndie spoke of the famous moment when, at home, Jauffrey fell tired and went to bed without her. The former professional swimmer admitted he should have done better. “I didn’t expect this from my wedding. I expected a little more loving complicity. I quickly felt in a couple of two-three years“, clarified the beautiful brunette. Finally, she let it be known that she was “entrance to a teenager’s apartment” when she went to her husband. She let him know that she therefore felt that she did not feel ready to start a family. “I’m offended, it hurts me“, Jauffrey reacted to the camera.

End of marriage

Estelle Dossin, seeing that Jauffrey was in shock, advised Cyndie to be in communication. The candidate explained for his part that he needed a return. “I can’t save someone who can’t be“, he launched. A remark that greatly displeased the young woman. She felt that he had sent her a spade to upgrade himself.

In the end, the two candidates have made the decision to divorce. They therefore removed their wedding rings and laid them before the experts. However, they parted on good terms.

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