Lidl : Alerte danger, si vous avez acheté ces produits alimentaires, veuillez les rapporter en urgence, ces produits à base de CBD sont rappelés

customers are rushing to find this essential product at a bargain price

Diapers offered at an unbeatable price

Parents see their lives change the day they welcome their first child. Some purchases then become essential. Among them, we obviously think of diapers. Luckily for consumers who are used to shopping at Lidl, they do not have to find another store to find it.. The German brand indeed offers its own brand called Lupilu.

These diapers are sold in packs of 50 at a price of… 7.29 euros. It costs just 15 cents a diaper. The price is lower than the average of competing brands. However, as Que Choisir reminds us, they claim ” the same claims as other brands: they guarantee 12-hour dryness, softness, comfort, let the skin breathe and are made from cellulose from FSC-certified forests (sustainably managed forests)“.

The quality would therefore be there with the nappies of this range, as would the attractive prices.. You can indeed count on the brand to regularly offer promotions on this product. And as inflation continues to rise, that’s good news for savings-conscious consumers.

Lidl, a breath of fresh air in a period of high inflation?

The German brand is undoubtedly one of the best-known discount chains in France, and even one of the most popular. They are millions each year to go to the shelves to discover all the offers that are made. In addition to food, it is possible to find hygiene products, beauty products, but also clothing and many objects and accessories for the home and garden.

Lidl has succeeded in changing its image over time. Indeed, discount stores do not always have a good reputation since it is considered that the products are low because the quality is not there. However, Lidl proves that this is totally false. This change of image, it owes it to good communication, but also to the sale of products that create a buzz.

We obviously think of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, this multifunction kitchen robot which is presented as the most efficient competitor of the thermomix. While food processors are considered niche products, accessible to a small part of the population due to very high prices (it’s more expensive than a minimum wage), Lidl makes sure everyone can enjoy themselves. Result of the races: a real buzz with food processors that are selling like hotcakes, and above all very positive feedback on the quality.

The brand proves that it is possible to have fun without breaking the bank. And today, while the French are suffering from record inflation, this is obviously topical.

The legislative elections are over, what about aid?

Faced with this strong surge in inflation, the State provides certain aid and certain adjustments to help the French in this period. But the government had to wait for the legislative elections in order to be able to propose these laws. Emmanuel Macron thought he had the majority, as is generally the case. But if the president’s party came out on top, it is far from the majority. It is followed by NUPES, RN and finally LR.

What complicate the task for Emmanuel Macron and his government. Behind the scenes, it is said that the disappointment is great and that the country would be ungovernable with such a composition of the Assembly. They would have already spoken, internally, of dissolution in a year in order to redo legislative elections.

It remains to be seen whether certain promised aid will be put in place as planned, starting with the indexation of pensions at 4% to help retirees live better during this period of crisis. Emmanuel Macron’s government has been explaining for days that it wants this aid to come into effect from July. To see if the deputies of the Assembly will agree.

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