Les 12 coups de midi : Christian Quesada présent aux 12 ans du jeu ? Jean-Luc Reichmann répond cash

Christian Quesada present at the 12th anniversary of the game? Jean-Luc Reichmann answers cash

Christian Quesada. This name frightens the PAF and the public. Will we see him again soon in The 12 strokes of noon ? The answer is now!

The 12 strokes of noon in the turmoil!

Twelve years since the quiz The 12 strokes of noon shatter audience records. Always benevolent, Jean-Luc Reichmann is the conductor! Accompanied by Zette, he challenges the champions with formidable MCQs. Never mind, the Masters of the South compete in ingenuity to thwart the traps. By gathering the clues provided by the Mysterious Star, they discover the identity of the celebrity. In short, admiring their knowledge, the public is full of praise for them.

However, one of them defies all predictions. While we admired his ability to bounce back in The 12 strokes of noon, we realize that it is only a despicable predator. What happened to make it all fall apart like this? Is he welcome during specials like this anniversary with a bang? The answer, Objeko give it to you right away!

15 days of happiness in Les 12 coups de midi!

This TF1 press release will not leave anyone indifferent. ” 56 Maîtres de midi are exceptionally coming back to compete for two weeks. » Having ” the goal common to be crowned the all-time champion, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s team makes sure to convince us to be there. The less thanObjeko can say is that the list of ingredients for these fifteen days makes us salivate. ” Game, laughter, emotion, gifts and many surprises“. And to close the festivities and rejoice at the same time the arrival of the sun, we are asked to block our diaries on the date of July 2. This exceptional bonus largely deserves our interest!

Objeko would find it hard to tell you a word about all those who have accepted Jean-Luc Reichmann’s invitation. Long feared, Eric was a role model for all the candidates of The 12 strokes of noon. Throughout his 199 participations, he amassed a colossal prize pool as well as a host of gifts capable of blowing up Santa’s hood. Humble, he has already put his title on the line many times. Recently overtaken by Bruno, known as Fifou Dingo for the *ntimes, he lost. We can’t wait to see these two together!

Never again !

Just before the start of the pandemic, the Christian Quesada affair made headlines. When he started the adventure The 12 strokes of noon, the father of the family did not have the slightest penny in his pocket. As proof, the legend says that he barely had enough to buy a cheap shirt in a famous discount store. Cultivated, he gains confidence in his abilities and reduces to a pulp all those who dare to challenge him. However, behind the scenes, the man drops the mask. He’s far from the ideal son-in-law. On the contrary, he is a horrible manipulator.

Visibly attracted to children or young teenagers, the investigators hallucinate when they discover the contents of his computers. To think that he concealed millions of p*d*phile images. After a colorful trial, he will be detained for (only) three years. Upon his release, the production of The 12 strokes of noon as well as its potential victims are in shock. Metamorphosed, living in the south of France, he is forbidden to speak about his story for some time yet.

What unbearable suspense!

As the twelfth candle of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game approaches, will he be part of the cast? Our colleagues from Tele-Star assume and ask the question to the star host. The one who defends the interests of minors in his series Leo Mattei still shaking. This is why he is offended and exclaims. ” Absolutely not ! It’s my worst memory! When you’ve been so wrong, you have to avoid buzzing about something that isn’t worth it. I close the parenthesis, full stop. It no longer exists and you have to know how to stay elegant” , he said.

Thank you to our colleagues from Télé-Star

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