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Célia breaks up with Théo (Summary episode 429 ITC)

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for episode 429 of Friday, June 24, 2022 of ITC. In your daily series, cold shower for Célia: such is taken who believed to take. For her part, Jasmine makes a surprising proposal to Axel. Between Rose and Clotilde, nothing goes.


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The summary of Here it all begins from Thursday, June 23, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Here it all begins Summary of episode 429 of Friday, June 24, 2022

Jasmine wants to try the competition for the school of chef Cardone

At the commissary, while Axel diverts his cousin’s attention, Jasmine puts the bottargues back in their place. To thank them for taking risks for them, Ambre and Tom invited them to come for dinner and test their menu at the salt marshes. On the way, Jasmine announces to Axel that she plans to try the competition for the school of chef Cardone. On the other hand, she does not know how she will do with Naël. Axel is confident. He thinks she will find a solution with Greg. The young woman then asks Axel if he wouldn’t want to try it too, but the nephew of Chief Teyssier wants to study at Calvières. Axel then assures Jasmine that they will continue to see each other regardless. The tasting of Ambre and Tom’s menu is a success and they toast with Diego and Isabelle to their future.

Clotilde changes her mind

Rose continues to work on the organization of the future master which should see the light of day at the start of the school year. She planned throughout the school year all the masterclasses common to all students based on their desires. But Clotilde no longer believes in this master. She finds this diploma superfluous. Appalled, Rose confides in Antoine. Even if she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with her sister, she doesn’t want to give up the master’s because it’s too close to her heart. Against all odds, Enzo is also interested in this master’s degree. He watched a documentary on a Meilleur Ouvrier de France in pastries and bakery and would like to dig into the question. He feels it’s made for him. But Clotilde remains limited. She fears that this master discredits everything their father has put in place. Rose asks her sister if she’s not rather afraid that she’s taking up too much space. Clotilde replies that it’s already done. Rose thinks they could do so much for the Institute if Clotilde agreed to work hand in hand with her. But Clotilde points out to Rose that she has no legitimacy in the field of gastronomy. Rose hopes that Clotilde will understand the importance of this master’s degree when she brings her the list of students interested in this diploma.

Celia breaks up with Theo

Celia is getting ready to go to the Institute to get her things. She knows full well that she will not make it to third year. But Theo insists on talking to him again about what happened the day before. He thinks Celia lied to him and that his girlfriend framed Charlene. Put up against the wall, Célia admits to him having added orgeat syrup to the mascarpone stuffing. She thinks that after what Charlene put her through, that’s all she deserved. But Théo stands up for his sister and deplores that Célia has ruined Charlene’s future. Célia tries in vain to make him understand how much it hurts him to go after his sister.

At the Institute, Charlène has been working hard since very early this morning to make her dessert again. She asks her father to give her a second chance. Charlène blames Celia for what happened the day before, but Chief Teyssier criticizes his daughter for not being vigilant. Present, Theo recognizes that Celia was not necessarily nice to Charlene. He does, however, cover for his girlfriend. Theo pretends not to know if she sabotaged the test and encourages his father to taste Charlène’s dessert despite everything, which he does. Chef Teyssier recognizes that it is much better.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Greg and Hortense are delighted to be moving into 3rd grade. Eliott is more cautious and prefers to wait to see the word “admitted” written on the results sheet. Célia goes to empty her locker and admits in front of Eliott, Hortense and Greg to have sabotaged her dessert. Besides, she does not regret having done so. She got what she wanted. But Greg allows himself to judge her and regrets that she wasted her year for a little revenge.

Charlène is taking a catch-up test for yesterday’s test. She is supervised by chef Armand when Célia arrives in the kitchen to get her dishwashing knife. The tone quickly rises between Charlène and Célia. Chef Armand intervenes and explains to Célia that it was Chef Teyssier’s decision. The young woman then confronts the director of the Institute. She finds it unfair not to have the right to take the remedial test. Célia thinks that Chef Teyssier has chosen to play favouritism. But the latter points out to Célia that she has broken the most sacred rule in the kitchen. Even if you hate your partner or your brigade, you don’t weigh down the collective work. The young woman felt she no longer had anything to prove anyway and told Teyssier that she no longer wanted to be a student at the Institute.

It’s a cold shower for Célia when Charlène announces to her a little later that she had passed her catch-up test with flying colors. And she takes pleasure in telling Célia that her brother defended her so much in front of her father that he agreed to give her a second chance.

Celia leaves to confront Theo. She reproaches him for being on his father’s and sister’s side. Celia can’t take her family anymore. She wants to make Théo aware that they are like a kind of mafia, that they will always support each other even if they cause the worst horrors. Célia thinks that will never change, because Théo is exactly for them. Célia announces to Théo that everything is over between them.

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