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Camille stabbed Stanislas | Jordan works with Judith at the farmhouse – Tomorrow belongs to us June 24, 2022 (episode 1215) | tomorrow belongs to us

Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow belongs to us in advance season 5 of episode 1215 broadcast on Friday June 24, 2022 on TF1. Raphaëlle and Chloé protect Camille: Damien and Martin have proof that it was she who stabbed Stanislas. This is the shock for Sébastien Perraud. Jordan takes a small job to help the Roussel family.

The complete recap of the DNA soap opera of the episode in advance of 06/24/2022. Find the #TomorrowWeBelong spoilers in preview, everything you need to know about the episode.

Jordan and Judith the future couple of the summer?

Find the full summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1215 broadcast on TF1 on Friday June 24, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Tomorrow belongs to us ): the recap of the previous episode Tomorrow belongs to us from 06/23/2022 is online.

Martin tells Raphaëlle that there are gray areas in her testimony, Chloé is called for the reconstruction of Stanislas’ injury and Camille’s attack. Raphaëlle admits having thrown all the knives into the port.

Karim announces to Alex that Raphaëlle has come to denounce herself for the assassination of Stanislas. Chloé should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice or even complicity in murder…if the legitimacy of the defense is not retained.

Sebastian DNA

Sébastien Perraud with his daughter in police custody

Elsa does everything to get kisses and hugs from Timothée.
Timothée tells Gabriel that they have been together for a little over 4 months. Gabriel points out to Timothée that Elsa gives the impression of wanting to make love. Timothée is afraid it will suck like with Noor…they didn’t succeed. Gabriel encourages her.

Damien tomorrow belongs to us

Damien has proof of Camille’s guilt

Timothée listens to Gabriel’s advice, he invites Elsa to his house to enjoy the swimming pool and more. Once Elsa at home, Timothée begins to revise and do exercises. Elsa is drunk, she tells Timothée that he makes her suffer too much.

Martin tells Chloe why she didn’t tell the police if the legitimate defense was necessary. He hopes that this time the truth has really come out.

Timothée tomorrow belongs to us

Timothée doesn’t feel ready to sleep with Elsa

Alex has done the accounts, the inauguration must be maintained to bring people back and get people talking. Robin, Judith and Noa are mobilizing… even if Chloé cannot be there.

Audrey admits to Jordan that finances are hot with lawyer fees and vacations. Audrey thinks about taking a job as a beautician at home. Jordan says as an elder…he’s going to get a job. Audrey heard that Alex Mas is looking for people for extras.
Alex agrees to hire Jordan as an extra until the inauguration. Jordan is excited to start this new job. Noa appreciates the complicity of Jordan and Judith who work together.

Sébastien Perraud is alongside his daughter in police custody: he tells her that he will get her out of there. Raphaëlle says she acted like a culprit…she thinks she won’t be able to get out of it.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance episode 1215 of June 24, 2022: Will Camille end up in prison?

Sébastien leaves to tell Camille that his mother has denounced herself. Then, Martin comes to see Camille to get his version of the facts.
Martin asks Damien to look at Camille’s medical file…he doesn’t understand his hand injury. Martin thinks it was Camille who stabbed Stanislas. Damien goes to re-examine Camille’s wounds in the presence of a doctor.

Alex DNA

Alex decided to give Jordan a chance

Sébastien intervenes, he says that his little girl is tired. Martin persists and threatens the prosecutor to sue him for obstruction. Damien thinks Camille’s hand slipped on the blade of a knife…he thinks this is proof that Camille Meffre stabbed Stanislas Beaumont.

Timothée confides in his father that he thought he wanted to sleep with Elsa but today he doesn’t really know. Timothée thinks it’s going to take a lot of effort.

The highlights of Tomorrow belongs to us from June 24, 2022: what to remember

Karim DNA

Karim keeps Alex informed of the investigation and Chloe’s fate.

– Raphaëlle confesses everything with the complicity of Chloé
– Damien and Martin have proof that it was Camille who stabbed Stanislas
– Jordan will work extra at Alex’s farmhouse
– Noa does not appreciate the complicity of Judith and Jordan
– Timothée is lost with Elsa, he is under pressure to sleep with her

To be continued the summary Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1216 Monday, June 27, 2022 with Ingrid Chauvin as Chloe Delcourt.

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