Zinédine Zidane recounts his whim on Marco Materazzi in 2006: 'Bixente is the only one who could have contained me'

Zinédine Zidane recounts his whim on Marco Materazzi in 2006: ‘Bixente is the only one who could have contained me’

A heartbreaking, unforgettable moment. Words from the late Thierry Gilardi that resonate in our minds, like this image of Zinedine Zidane leaving the field, head bowed, the supreme trophy refusing him. The headbutt of the famous French number 10 on Marco Materazzi, during the final of the 2006 World Cup which crowned Italy, is a moment engraved in the history of French sport. A moment that “Zizou” evokes in an interview broadcast this Sunday on TF1.

I’m not proud of what I’ve done, but it’s part of my journey.”he says, searching for his words: “I would say that even in a person’s life… you don’t do everything perfectly. I’ve been through complicated times, this is one of them, but there are others that are happier” Zidane broke down as the tension reached its climax. The contrast is total with the gesture of absolute relaxation which had launched his final on an ideal basis.


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The “Panenka”? “We had to invent something”

This “Panenka” against Gianluigi Buffon, this ball which ricocheted off the bar before crossing the line, was it the illustration of his technique, of a touch of madness, of both? “Technical, that’s for sure, a touch of madness, I don’t thinkresponds “ZZ”. I think that’s what I gotta do, right now, whether I miss or notThe pressure is still light years away from overwhelming him, in the heart of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium.

Failure? I do not think about ithe assures. I tell myself that we are at the 7th or 8th minute and that there is still time. I have a few seconds to choose my gesture and it’s the gesture I choose“Why, and how, to show such audacity, especially in front of Buffon? Because it is him, precisely. “I had a goalkeeper opposite who knew me perfectly and so we had to invent something“, explains Zidane with an emotional smile.

Zidane takes his ‘dead leaf’ shot

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Lizarazu: “I wish I had been there to help her”

What follows is a disenchantment on a par with this graceful prologue. Marco Materazzi, decidedly decisive, allowed the Italians to pick up, and the two teams go into extra time. Time is running out, the end of the encounter is fast approaching, and the end of Zidane’s career with it. “He was in an extreme emotional state, because it was his last game, after that he was going to stop playing football.“, testifies Bixente Lizarazu, in this subject of Telefoot.

I think a lot of things went through his head, plus being verbally abused by his opponent.continues his former friend from the France team and the Girondins de Bordeaux. I would have liked to be on the pitch so that this did not happen.“The former Bayern Munich left-back retired from international duty in 2004 and he hasn’t come out of it.”I wish I had been there to help him.”he regrets, specifying that “it doesn’t change his legend“.

Yes, I think Bixente, it’s the only one that could have contained meagrees Zinédine Zidane, when referring to the words of Lizarazu. It would have been important that night.” The double scorer in the 1998 World Cup final (with a header, already) prefers to philosophize about the title that escaped the Blues eight years later, on penalties: “Anyway, we can’t redo the past“. Then he concludes, in a nervous laugh: “I would have liked Bixente, at that time, to be by my side.

Zinedine Zidane, brilliant at the 2006 World Cup, ends his tournament on a false note with a red card against Italy in the final.

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