"We must get criminals out of stadiums", Labrune's strong message on repeated incidents

“We must get criminals out of stadiums”, Labrune’s strong message on repeated incidents

Vincent Labrune gave a big rant this Saturday during the general assembly of the FFF against violence in French stadiums. The president of the LFP wants to “get the criminals out of the stadiums”.

In France, the 2021-2022 season will remain marked by a big black spot. Overflows, throwing of projectiles, invasions of the field, fights… sometimes extremely serious incidents have tarnished the return of spectators to the stadiums, forcing the Professional Football League to escalate disciplinary sanctions. From the start, the season went off the rails in the stands with problems in Montpellier (projectiles) and Nice (overgrown lawn, throwing objects and fights), then extended to Lens (scuffles), Saint-Etienne (delayed kick-off , rockets and smoke sent…) or even Lyon (throw of a water bottle, game stopped).

“We have to change gear very strongly”

This black series will have lasted until the end with the violent incidents which occurred in Saint-Etienne at the end of the L1/L2 return barrage against Auxerre on May 29. After the penalty shootout, which had marked the relegation of the Greens, hundreds of individuals had entered the lawn of Geoffroy-Guichard and some had even targeted the presidential platform with fireworks and smoke bombs. For Vincent Labrune, it is time to put an end to this violence. Present this Saturday in Nice for the general assembly of the French Football Federation, the president of the LFP sent a strong message on the subject.

“There is a downside: these are the issues of violence and security. We have had a disastrous season in terms of violence in our stadiums, on and off the pitch, with the repercussions that you can all see, in all the categories. Today I consider that we must change gear very strongly. The League, of course, even if the League is constrained in its arsenal of sanctions. We have no police or judicial power, we don’t “We don’t even have the power to sanction individually. We only have an arsenal of collective sanctions, closures of stands. We must take our share of responsibility to change gear. The FFF will accompany us”, he said. first explained.

“A miracle that there was no death in Saint-Etienne”

And to add: “Our clubs must also realize that they must help us, not to get ‘bad supporters’ out of the stadiums. What bothers me today is when I hear the representatives of the INS (National Support Authority) say that there are good ultras and bad ultras. No, there are no good or bad supporters. I love the ultra cause when it is festive. There are supporters, young and old, and ultras. And then there are now in our enclosures, because the words have a meaning, criminals. I think that the State, the communities, the clubs, we have to get the criminals out of the stadiums.”

He asked everyone to be “brave to put these criminals where they belong, and never in a football stadium”. “I was scared by what we saw in Saint-Etienne during the last match of the season. I was terrified, it’s a miracle that there was no death. We wants to be the leaders of renewal and modernism in French football, we do not want to be the leaders of the war in the stadiums or to know a stadium”, concluded the former president of OM. At the beginning of June, he instructed the criminologist Alain Bauer to draw up a report on the excesses of the supporters who punctuated the Ligue 1 season. The conclusions are expected in September.

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