these accessories will revolutionize your beach days

these accessories will revolutionize your beach days

SHOPPING – It’s decided, you’re going to the sea this summer. These innovative objects could well make your tanning sessions even more relaxing…

It’s decided, you’re going to the sea this summer. Once your foot is on the warm sand, all you have to do is… Unroll your towel, hastily take off your street clothes, walk towards the water and splash… Vacations, I forget everything ! Except that in the meantime, whammy, the towel flew away to end up straight on the sandcastle that the little neighbor had been trying to build for three hours. To save yourself this kind of annoyance that can ruin a day at the beach, our selection of truly innovative novelties to slip into your suitcase.

To swim with your phone, a bathing suit with pockets

Wet the jersey shorts in Malibu red, with its magnetic waterproof pocket. Wet the jersey / Press photo

This should delight those who are tired of having to “keep things up” while their tribe plays in the waves… Launched in March 2021 by three brothers, the French brand Mouiller le Maillot offers swim shorts with a waterproof pocket (IPX8 standard, up to thirty meters) where you can slip your cell phone or identity papers while taking a dip. Offered in five colours, including a dapper Malibu red, the jersey is made in Portugal and made from Seaqual, a polyester recycled from plastic materials recovered from the ocean. Good news, ladies: a female model is being developed.

Wet the jersey. To be ordered on the e-shop at the fixed price of 120 €.

To resist the gusts, the towel that does not fly away

Lovers of the Côte d’Albâtre will no longer have to sprinkle their towel with pebbles to prevent it from blowing away at the slightest gust. Crowned with a silver medal at the last Lépine competition, this rounded beach towel will not move one iota, no matter how fierce the wind (test video on the Basque coast in November in support!). Weighted by a 1m or 1m50 aluminum hoop, it is made of machine-washable polyester. Palm trees, hibiscus or flamingos: the towel comes in six patterns that smell good of summer, and is available with or without fringes. It is also possible to personalize it – if you want to add your cat’s or dog’s face to it…

Waatea. €49 via the Ulule funding platform (first orders sent in July).

To do the plank at will, the swimsuit “that makes you float”

Farewell fries and armbands. Not exactly pretty and a little showy, they will be relegated to the rank of antiques by Ezzy Swim. Designed and made in France, this swimsuit incorporates flexible padding that allows you to float effortlessly. Ideal for those who are apprehensive about jumping into the water or are not very comfortable with their crawl technique. The models are, of course, quite covering: bermuda shape for men, a shorty-style piece for women, and feature a solid color, checks or a wax print. This swimsuit won the Jury’s silver medal at the Concours Lépine.

Ezzy Swim. From €68.90 to €95.40 for women’s models; between 70 and 80 € for men’s models. Also on Amazon.


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