Louise Bourrat (Top Chef) : la gagnante révèle ce qu’elle va faire de ses gains

the winner reveals what she will do with her winnings

If you watched “Top Chef” on Wednesday June 15, you had the chance to attend the coronation of Louise Bourrat. Indeed, this member of Hélène Darroze’s team won this new season rich in emotions. During an interview, the champion spoke about the projects she wants to realize with her winnings amounting to 56,190 euros.

Louise Bourrat wins the final of “Top Chef” 2022 against Arnaud Delvenne

The grand finale of “Top Chef” 2022 was broadcast on Wednesday June 15 on M6. It opposed Louise Bourrat and Arnaud Delvenne. These two gastronomy enthusiasts clashed in the kitchens of the Palace Georges V in Paris. To repot this ultimate match, it was necessary to cook a banquet for 80 people. The guests were red cross volunteers. Their ambassador, Adriana Karembeu, was present. After the meal, all the guests were forced to decide between the two finalists. And it was Louise Bourrat who won the majority of the votes. By becoming the big winner of “Top Chef” 2022, the young woman won 56,190 euros. But what will she do with this money?
Before revealing Louise Bourrat’s pretty projects, let us remind you how she managed to seduce the 80 guests of the Palace Georges V. The young woman benefited from the help of Thibault, Ellis, Pascal and Ambroise. With her team, she prepared a amberjack sashimi for the entrée. For the main course, Louise cooked a veal chop and smoked eel, all served with mashed potatoes and sorrel. And it was a revisited version of his famous black garlic dessert that allowed him to finish his meal in style! This dish had allowed him to qualify for the contest during the very first week of competition. With her menu, Louise Bourrat won 56.18% of the vote.

The young woman plans to lead a simple life in contact with nature

After her great victory in “Top Chef”, the young woman agreed to give an interview to “Télé Loisirs”. She told reporters at the magazine that she didn’t know what she was planning to do with her hard-earned money. “I’m not going to start making plans for the future with what I don’t have, besides I still don’t have them” she said amusedly. Indeed, Louise does not know what she will do with her winnings because she had not asked the question before winning this famous contest. But come to think of it, this talented cook knows that this sum will probably help her to realize a project that is close to her heart. “I’m thinking about moving to the countryside, in Portugal, to build my house there. I would like to live in a simple way, with my vegetable garden, my chickens, my dogs and my cats! »

A victory dedicated to all women who are passionate about cooking

But before changing her life, Louise takes the time to savor her victory. After Naoëlle d’Hainault and Stéphanie Le Quellec, she is the third woman to have won a victory in “Top Chef”. Moreover, the young champion hopes that her victory will encourage all women who are passionate about cooking to persevere in this sometimes formidable universe. “I hope so, even if the problem of legitimacy persists. This result can be questioned by many people just because I am a woman. When you succeed in life, and even more so in male circles, they say that there has been favoritism, that it’s feminine endorsement, that it’s for your image… There’s room for we. It’s up to our generation to rewrite the codes, to bring a little more indulgence and empathy to the kitchens, and more humility rather than performance.” she said to conclude this interview.
As for the viewers, they were delighted with this final and its winner. This final episode of this new season gathered 2.42 million households. This figure represents 15.5% market share. Thus, M6 found itself on the second step of the podium that evening, behind France 2 which broadcast the detective fiction Simon Coleman.

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