The Canadian Grand Prix in questions: Boulevard for Verstappen, Alonso's podium, Leclerc's comeback...

The Canadian Grand Prix in questions: Boulevard for Verstappen, Alonso’s podium, Leclerc’s comeback…

What time will the departure be given?

In France, the Canadian Grand Prix will take place during prime time. Lights out at 8 p.m.

Canadian Grand Prix

Alonso, the promise of a show: “I will attack Max at the first corner”


Will Verstappen have a quiet race?

Statistically, in Montreal, the poleman wins nearly half the time (47.50%). On Friday, the reigning world champion dominated free practice and his pace should quickly make him untouchable, even if Fernando Alonso attempts and succeeds in a maneuver at the first corner. Charles Leclerc at the back of the grid, Sergio Pérez also very far, the Spaniard could also be an ally of the leader of Red Bull by sticking out his elbows in front of Carlos Sainz.
Verstappen in karting mode: the opportunity was too good

Alonso and Verstappen on the same line, is this new?

Yes and no. Alonso had never accompanied Max Verstappen on the same line. On the other hand, he had already found himself alongside his father, Jos. It was at the 2001 Belgian Grand Prix. Verstappen father, Arrows driver at the time, was ranked 19th ahead of the Spaniard, who was then playing his first season with Minardi.

“Piastri is coming, he’s the next big thing in Formula 1”

Can Alonso grab the podium?

The double world champion remained cautious: he believes he should aim for between 5th and 7th place. But the situation is ideal. Since Verstappen (Red Bull) and Sainz (Ferrari) should fight in another category, the first threat is called Lewis Hamilton. The Briton achieved a miraculous qualification in particular conditions but he described his mount as “disastrous” on a dry track.

The Haas are not aiming as high, Russell is at a distance (7th) and Pérez (13th) and Leclerc (19th) start from very far. The podium will therefore be difficult to achieve. But not impossible.

Alonso: “I will attack Max at the first corner”

Is Schumacher about to score his first Formula 1 points?

It would take a miracle. This 6th time in qualifying did the young German a lot of good, while his place in F1 is threatened, and obviously moved his mother, Corinna, a lot. But the performance of the two Haas on Saturday evening seems more like a mirage linked to the conditions, if we take into account what they had achieved in the tests.

One thing is certain: Mick Schumacher will have to pull off a smart race as chances like this aren’t likely to present themselves any time soon. The American team has still not made any changes to its single-seater and will only do so once, this summer…

What can Pérez and Leclerc hope for?

Limit breakage“, as the Mexican repeated after his error in qualifying. Checo is 13th on the grid and he is a real specialist in the exercise of the lifts. The Top 5 is largely within his reach provided he finds the rhythm. This which he has surprisingly not been able to do since the start of the weekend.

Ferrari flies over the championship… retirements: farewell to the title?

For Charles Leclerc, 19th on the grid after replacing his power unit, the task is even more complex. The Monegasque and the Scuderia sacrificed Canadian qualification by believing that the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit offered many opportunities. But after free practice, the leader of the Italian team said that overtaking would be more difficult than expected. Beating the Mercedes would be a feat.

Where is the FIA ​​in its fight against porpoising?

She’s probably not much further along. The conditions in which the third free practice session and qualifying were contested probably did not help her to take the first measurements intended to establish a vertical oscillation index. Especially since the method already seemed unclear on paper.

Porpoising, the alert rating: “I feel like I’m watching a boxing fight”

There is a good chance that the body will give itself several weeks before establishing this porpoising tolerance threshold beyond which the teams will have to take measures to protect the health of their drivers.

Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes: who will suffer the most from the FIA ​​directives?

What’s the weather forecast for Montreal?

The Grand Prix will not be disturbed by the rain. But the temperatures won’t be very high (around 20°C), which shouldn’t make it any easier for the drivers to warm up the tyres. Especially since the track will be “green”, therefore less adherent, after the showers on Saturday.

What strategy does Pirelli recommend?

The manufacturer believes that a start on “medium” tires is the right option, with a single stop to swap them for “hard”. Two important clarifications, however: the stop is very short in Canada and the risk of a safety car is high.

Stroll-Latifi, not prophets in their country: “It’s a bit light to maintain interest”

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) congratulates Fernando Alonso (Alpine) after qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, June 18, 2022

Credit: Getty Images

Canadian Grand Prix

Verstappen in karting mode: the opportunity was too good


Canadian Grand Prix

Verstappen imperturbable, Alonso puts on a show!


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