MHR-UBB: impressive ferocity in Nice, Montpellier joins Castres in the final of the Top 14

MHR-UBB: impressive ferocity in Nice, Montpellier joins Castres in the final of the Top 14

Montpellier dominated Union Bordeaux-Bègles this Saturday, June 18 (19-10) in the semi-final of the Top 14. The Héraultais, more efficient and physically denser, overcame Girondins who were not realistic enough. They find the final of the Top 14 after 2011 and 2018.

It was written. Fate did not imagine another scenario, another poster. CO-MHR in the final of the Top 14? An evidence. And even if the broadcasters will make the mouth when televising the two unloved French rugby, the revenge of 2018 will therefore take place.

Guilhem Guirado will have to wait a bit before putting away the crampons for good. Benoît Paillaugue, in search of the Grail for his last moments in the Montpellier jersey, will have the opportunity to overcome his curse of the finals next Friday. These two and all this gang of friends bluffed in the Nice furnace on Saturday evening. “We weren’t given a win at all, and what did we do”, savored Paillaugue. He and his troop pulverized in all aspects of the Bordeaux game in the absent subscriberssymbolized by the failed performance of Matthieu Jalibert, whistled when he left.

Heroic, titanic, enormous… Say it what you want: they did it!
The MHR joins Castres in the final of the Top 14!#HalfTop14 #TEAMHR

– Montpellier Rugby (@MHR_officiel) June 18, 2022

Offensive and sexy

The people of Montpellier left us speechless. The 2,000 Hérault supporters, on the contrary, raised the decibels even more than in a sold-out GGL Stadium.

Yes, MHR finished second in the Top 14, but they never got us used to playing like that. For forty minutes, we even thought that the thirty actors had exchanged their jerseys. Philippe Saint-André’s men made Bordeaux. Offensive initiatives, wide play, back passes… We felt that the fifteen days of preparation were conclusive. The staff managed to guide their players to correct the shortcomings seen over the last two months of competition, to refine the details, to find collective benchmarks. Sometimes a bit imprecise, the Héraultais have (d) surprised by their offensive ease. And each player has leveled up to the stakes.

This is important!! From very far, Aprasidze gives 6 points in advance to the @MHR_official#MHRUBB #HalfTOP14

– Canal Rugby Club (@CanalRugbyClub) June 18, 2022

In attack, the majority of situations were rather well orchestrated by Paolo Garbisi and Anthony Bouthier. Behind, Vincent Rattez has regained his offensive drive after a year on the inside. The three centers Serfontein, Doumayrou and Vincent have made their counterparts transparent. A sexy face that surprised more than one. The Allianz Riviera first, suddenly filled with sympathy for this team. But especially the men of Christophe Urios. The latter, obviously, expected a much more padlocked match. On several occasions, they oriented their game on the front, balls carried. Bad idea. We hit a walladmitted Jalibert at the end of the meeting.

Gesture :

Gela aprasidze, this mammoth:

We always tell Gela that it’s no use hitting 60 meters in training. Obviously we were wrong. smiled Olivier Azam at the end of the match. Indeed, the tonic scrum-half Georgen, thanks to two penalties from 55 meters in the money-time, offered the victory to his team. Two mammoth shots that illustrate the player in a different style that is usually his, that is to say that of the will-o’-the-wisp. This is also the final stages.

Giant Aprasidze

The Girondin game plan was too predictable. Too simplistic perhaps. The Hérault defense enjoyed thwarting the opposing strategy. With great shoulder thrusts, Yacouba Camara’s teammates demolished every ball carrier. The first Montpellier test is also the result of a destructive tackle by Jan Serfontein. The South African blew up the Bordelais in flight, the ball too, and a school counter-attack sent Vincent Rattez into the in-goal in the opposite corner. Orgasmic. It’s been so long

The following ? Heavy. Very tough even. The scrum, feared before kick-off in the absence of professional left-handers (Forletta, Nariashvili, Fichten), held. The state of mind and serenity displayed by Yacouba Camara’s teammates were found. They were as if animated by an extra soul.“The pre-match talk was about ‘Fufu’, the man from this club”,said Anthony Bouthier. Everything is explained. Absent from the game sheet, Mr. MHR has become the number one motivation. The speech of the final is therefore all found. And then you don’t need a lot of words to face the Castres… We can’t wait.

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