Mbappé takes over Le Graët: "He considered that there had been no racism after the Euro"

Mbappé takes over Le Graët: “He considered that there had been no racism after the Euro”

It is a refrain already known by all the followers of the Blues. But, according to the speakers, the words change. This Sunday, Noël Le Graët explained again that Kylian Mbappé had thought of abandoning the Blues after the Euro and this missed shot on goal against Switzerland (3-3, 4-5). “He found that the Federation had not defended him after his missed penalty and the criticism on the networkshe details with the JDD. He no longer wanted to play in the France team“. The exit could have remained discreet. But, obviously, the main interested party does not have the same version as his president at all.

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Yes, finally, I explained to him above all well that it was in relation to racism and NO to the penaltytweeted the PSG star in response to these remarks. But he considered that there had been no racism…“. A scathing public reaction. And surprising from a player like Mbappé, who pays particular attention to his communication. Perhaps a symbol of the Blues striker’s growing frustration with the president of 3F. Because the two men are definitely not always on the same wavelength.This story is thus added to that of the image rights of the players of the France team, which punctuated the life of the world champions. since a few months.

A story that adds to that of the image rights of the Blues

This spring, Kylian Mbappé has indeed set fire to the corridors of the Federation by refusing to comply with a marketing operation by the French team during the gathering of the Blues last March. The reason ? The PSG striker wants “move the lines” an agreement governing the exploitation of the image rights of the Blues and which dates from 2010, another era for a player like Mbappé who is very aware of his image and what it represents. “CThis agreement, drawn up in 2010, requires modifications to be in line with developments in sport and modes of communication.n”, had further explained the Mbappé clan at the beginning of June, specifying and that it “should be reviewed every four years“.

Since this “affair”, the two parties seemed to have put aside their differences at the last gathering where the two parties exchanged. Finally, according to Noël Le Graët: “I saw Mbappé alone, then Mbappé at Clairefontaine, Mbappé in a group, then all the players. The conclusion remains: no change until the World Cup, perfect equality between all players“, launched the former president of En Avant Guingamp at the end of the general assembly of the FFF. But this new outing from the Breton leader on a story that seemed to combine with the past should not fix their relationship. And new meetings to try to understand each other are still likely to be on the agenda at the September rally.

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