LoC (M) |  Barcelona get out of the Kiel trap and make it to the final

LoC (M) | Barcelona get out of the Kiel trap and make it to the final

FC Barcelona

After a balanced first period, Barcelona made their dominance speak in the second against Kiel to reach the Champions League final (30-34). The Catalans will meet Kielce again in the final.

They had been announced favorites of the opposition, even if they did not want this qualifier. the FC Barcelona lived up to this first meeting of the weekend against the vice-champion of Germany Kiel (30-34). Faced with the physical challenge posed by the German club, the Barcelonans were able to take on the THW at their own game, and exhaust a team which clearly seemed to lack freshness at the end of the game. The seven-man game, the staggered defense, Kiel tried everything to contradict the predictions, but the Dika Mem band was clearly above this meeting.

A first period hooked and rich in goals

Patrick Wiencek (THW Kiel)

However, for the first act, the second semi-final turns out to be like the first: rough and rich in goals. At the start of the game, Barcelona mainly found the key through the wings – notably through Aleix Gomez, who scored 7 goals in the first period (including 2/3 pen.) – while Kiel could count on a Patrick Wiencek in mover mode, with 3 goals in the first 10 minutes. The two teams remain at the height, even if Kiel first takes the race in the lead, and it is necessary to wait for the 18e minute to see Barcelona ahead (9-10, 18′). The room clearly pushes Kiel, and, under pressure, Dika Mem manages to throw a chill on the public of the Zebras (16-17, 27′). Patrick Wiencek’s sixth goal keeps Kiel one goal away at the break (18-19, 30′).

Kiel runs out of steam in the second act

On resumption, the Barcelona defense is gaining momentum. Kiel, who plays seven, struggles to find solutions in the Barcelona hinge. As a symbol, Patrick Wiencek did not score in the first quarter of an hour, but his partners failed to score much more. Aleix Gomez scores in the empty net to give his team a three-goal lead (20-23, 36′). Kiel returns to height for a time thanks to a double superiority, but not for long. Filip Jicha must take a time-out to remobilize his team (23-27, 44′), but the trend is not reversing. On the contrary, it widens: Aleix Gomez’s tenth goal is the +5 goal for Barça (24-29, 46′).

Aleix Gomez (FC Barcelona)

With only seven goals in the first 20 minutes of the second period, Kiel can no longer meet the physical challenge of Thiagus Petrus and others. The saves of Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, more decisive in the second period, are an additional problem to solve, one more for the Kielers who give everything, but fall on stronger. “I am very proud of my players, underlined Filip Jicha at a press conference. They fought like lions, they did everything but in the end, you have to recognize that Barcelona deserve their victory. Kiel again tried to reverse the trend, in a last last stand, in the last moments of the meeting (29-32, 57′), but a goal from Thimothey N’Guessan and a final save from Pérez de Vargas sealed the fate of the match. Barcelona, ​​solid, good collectively and with rotations that have responded, has reached the first stage of retaining the title, a feat still unheard of since the establishment of the Final Four. And it must be recognized that, again for tomorrow, we want to place them as favorites.

Mickael Georgeault, in Cologne

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