Jacques Dutronc

Jacques Dutronc in mourning! the bad news has just fallen.

With him, Jacques Dutronc had shared everything: the laughter and the sorrows, the joys and the follies of the scene, he is today in mourning.

On the lookout for this terrible announcement from which he might not recover, the 78-year-old man with the cigar certainly had no idea that it would be another member of his musical family who would disappear, leaving him alone with his memories !

André Crudo, brother at heart and great witness to his debut, was indeed mowed down by the cursed coronavirus on Tuesday, September 14, as revealed by his son Franck on his Facebook page, the day after his death:

I have the pain to announce that my dad left us yesterday morning, victim of the Covid, after having fought bravely. For those who knew him well, his funeral will take place next Monday at 2:30 p.m. in the Notre-Dame de Saint-Mandé church.

Jacques Dutronc in mourning.

Jacques Dutronc, whose health was fragile and who was to undergo a heavy operation in June 2020, obviously did not have the strength to go to the Paris region to say a last farewell to André.

This André with whom he had shared so much! In the early 1960s, the future star, who was then only a young scoundrel, played guitar in the group El Toro and the Cyclones, a name given by Vogue, their record company, to describe both the incredible energy of these young people and the massive build of the singer.

But one day, Charlot Benarroch, the drummer, leaves the band and joins Les Fantômes, the other fashionable band.

Crudo, an excellent percussionist who works as an assistant at Vogue studios, joins the group. A musician trained in jazz, he is a very good recruit who has acquired experience by playing in particular with Les Chaussettes noirs.

After the dissolution of Jacques Dutronc’s group, the drummer accompanies Françoise Hardy, then leaves music to turn to photography.

In 1964, he became one of the official photographers of the Golf-Drouot and produced portraits of the greatest stars of song, such as Gilbert Bécaud, Tom Jones or the Rolling Stones.

Passionate about sport, golf and tennis, this man of a thousand lives was a referee at Roland-Garros and rubbed shoulders with many champions, such as Yannick Noah, Björn Borg and Guillermo Vilas, whom he photographed.

Always ready for new experiences, André Crudo also played small roles in the cinema, and was an extra in several films, including Quai d’Orsay, by Bertrand Tavernier, in which he played a deputy on the benches of the National Assembly. . A great man who celebrated his 80th birthday last April.

Jacques Dutronc: He has the gift of clairvoyance!

And yet, the artist Jacques Dutronc, as brilliant as he is discreet, is also endowed with an incredible gift.

It was Michel Leydier, the author of a biography of Dutronc published a few days ago by Editions du Seuil, who made this mysterious ability public.

A surprising revelation he learned from Françoise Hardy: Jacques has a gift of clairvoyance that he has never developed, and which he does not often talk about.

Incredible extra toy! Jacques Dutronc has the gift of clairvoyance! And this extra toy, with which nature has endowed Dutronc, if it does not “Crac boum Hue”, has demonstrated on many occasions that it works very well!

In 1962, for example, Jacques was on tour with the jazzman André Reweliotty when he suddenly predicted very serious problems for the musician. A few days later, Mr. Reweliotty died in a car accident.

Jacques Dutronc: A few days later, Mr. Reweliotty died in a car accident.

Another time, it was his friend Jean-Marie Migeot whom he warned of a danger: He told me he had to go to Bordeaux, remembers Jacques.

I told him: Be careful, you’ll catch fire! He replied: Don’t play dumb, because he was still a little suspicious. So he left for Bordeaux and his Porsche caught fire on the road.

Much later, continues the singer, I called him one morning to ask him if his son was well, and he replied: Yes, he is at school.

So I said to him: It’s strange, I feel something. An hour later, the school calls him: Can you pick up your son, he’s covered in pimples!

More joyful, this time, is the memory that Françoise Hardy still delivers: The first time he sent me a postcard from Morocco, he had written:

My dear future wife. I took it for humor, but looking back, I wonder if it was some kind of prescience.

A stroke of luck.

An intuition which, in the light of so many examples, is no longer in doubt, especially if we consider the last two visions, the most touching, of the famous artist. The first is told by Françoise Hardy.

While her man was filming in Guyana, she called him to tell him she had just had a miscarriage. But Jacques was almost relieved!

Indeed, she explains: He had always “seen” with a little boy and not two, and he had therefore feared from the beginning that there was a glitch.

Jacques Dutronc age

The last blow of fate that Jacques Dutronc unfortunately felt coming: the death of his mother. While she was doing very well, he had curiously felt the need to say to his father, the day before his death:

You know, I don’t sleep much, if you need anything, even in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to call me.

Unfortunately, the tragedy happened the same night, at 5 a.m., as Mr. Dutronc senior told us – who unfortunately also died this summer:

I immediately telephoned Jacquot. I didn’t have to explain anything to him. He said to me: ‘I’m coming, I understand’.

It’s strange, isn’t it? Maybe he had a hunch. Another intuition, or rather, unfortunately, this time, a frightening premonition.

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