Formula 1 |  Wolff finds F1 teams' attitude to rebound 'pitiful'

Formula 1 | Wolff finds F1 teams’ attitude to rebound ‘pitiful’

While the FIA ​​finally decided to intervene to reduce the porpoising and the rebound of F1 2022, the team directors met this Saturday in Montreal to discuss the issue, and Toto Wolff came out very annoyed.

Mercedes F1 is the team most affected by the phenomenon caused by the ground effect, and the Austrian leader is very upset against his counterparts, whom he considers more concerned with political and sporting issues than with driver safety.

“It’s a sport in which you try to maintain a competitive advantage, but the situation has clearly gone too far,” Wolff said.

“All the drivers, at least one per team, said they suffered in Baku, had trouble keeping the car on track or had blurry vision.

“And the team principals try to manipulate what has been said in order to keep a sporting advantage, and they play a political game when the FIA ​​tries to find a quick solution for these cars, I find it deceitful of them. .”

“And that’s what I told them.”

“All cars, and I’m not talking only about Mercedes, suffered in one way or another in Baku and that’s still the case here.”

“The cars are stiff or they bounce, whatever you call it. It’s a general problem that we have in Formula 1 right now. It’s a fundamental design problem that needs to be solved.”

“There are long-term effects that we can’t even judge yet. It’s a safety issue that can crop up at any time, so seeing these manipulations behind the scenes and telling the pilots what to report, I find it pathetic.”

Wolff hinted after Baku that Lewis Hamilton might not take part in the Canadian Grand Prix, as his back had hurt him so much. But the seven-time world champion, who will start fourth in the race, is finally there.

And while some of his opponents might criticize him for not being sincere about his security concerns, the Austrian is unaffected.

“Of course people will always ask if you’re sincere or not, that’s why I say it’s not just our problem.”

“A Red Bull driver (Perez) said that it’s when you reach 300 km/h that the problems start, you lose vision under braking and you are not able to position the car correctly.

“You hear the words of Carlos Sainz, you listen to the words of Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon, Kevin Magnussen, and our two drivers.

“It’s not a problem of any particular team. It’s a design problem with these ground effect cars that needs to be solved before we have a big problem of any kind. “

“And it’s not enough just to raise the ride height because it doesn’t solve the stiffness problem inherent in the aerodynamic characteristics.”

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