Cyndie Criticizes Married At First Sight Editing That Paints Her As "Cow" With Jauffrey

Cyndie Criticizes Married At First Sight Editing That Paints Her As “Cow” With Jauffrey

This Sunday, June 19, Cyndie (Married at first sight) organized a question-and-answer session with its subscribers. The opportunity for Jauffrey’s wife to denounce the editing of the show.

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The end is near. While season 6 of Married at first sight will soon come to an end, it’s time for couples to take stock. And the least we can say is that the season was particularly eventful between the breakup of Axel and Caroline and the settling of accounts by the media between Émilie and Frédérick. On the side of Jauffrey and Cyndie, everything had started well. During the wedding ceremony in Gibraltar, the two participants, already accomplices, said “yes” to each other under the watchful eye of their respective families. But after a few days of happiness, reluctance came to tarnish their marriage. Indeed, the young woman went to Marseille, to discover the life of her husband. But the atmosphere was particularly electric since a few arguments came to punctuate their stay and Cyndie was quickly disillusioned when she discovered her husband’s apartment. Communication between the two participants seemed to have stalled. Monday June 20, M6 will broadcast a new episode of Married at first sight and the hour of the balance sheet has come. And the reunion will be an opportunity for them to put everything back together…

Cyndie denounces the editing of the show

This Sunday, June 19, Cyndie organized a question and answer session with her subscribers on her Instagram account. Ahead of the broadcast of the assessment episode, already available on Salto and in which she settles her accounts with Jauffrey, the young woman decided to make a big update and to denounce the editing of the show. Indeed, she said that she intended to do a live Instagram after the end of the season to give her version of the facts. “I’m going to make it a a lot of things I don’t like about edits, there are a lot of lies. There are a lot of things that the production didn’t show, I do not know why”, she wrote at first.

Cyndie promises to restore her “truth” in an Instagram live

Asked about her behavior towards Jauffrey in which she appeared cold on the screen, Cyndie wanted to deliver her version of the facts. “I was absolutely not cow and neither in judgment. It’s the joy of editing and still it’s not over, they told their own story. There had to be a villain in the story, she added. According to her, everything had started well on the show but things ended up escalating. “In the first episodes, I totally found myself and from the honeymoon, it does not pass who I really am… A discussion took place with Jauffrey before the assessment. I have absolutely no communication problem. But it’s normal for viewers to remember what they see on screen, but that’s not always the truth.”she explained before promising to deliver her “truth” in the next few days.

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