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Célia sabotages the test, Tony confesses the truth to Gaëtan and Solal (Summary of episode 428 ITC)

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for episode 428 of Thursday, June 23, 2022 of ITC. In your daily series, Célia takes revenge while Tony confesses the truth to Gaëtan and Solal.


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The summary of Here it all begins from Wednesday, June 22, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Here it all begins Summary of episode 428 of Thursday, June 23, 2022

Tony confesses the whole truth to Gaëtan

Tony did some research on the internet. The symptoms he suffered the day before after being almost run over by a motorcycle are similar to those of a panic attack. Gaëtan makes the connection with the accident he suffered a year and a half ago. He advises her to go see Constance, the Institute’s nurse, who has knowledge of trauma. Gaëtan accompanies Tony to prevent him from slipping away, but Tony is stressed. He looks everywhere around him as if he was afraid to meet someone. Tony’s attitude did not escape Gaëtan. He puts Solal in his confidence a little later. Tony overhears their conversation. He ends up confessing to them that he was afraid to meet someone he knows at the Institute, because this person works there. Tony then confides in them that this person is part of his past. Besides, it’s a bit for her if he came to Calvières. But Tony refuses to reveal his name.


Deva wants to keep her relationship with Souleymane a secret

Some parents of students are furious that their child has been expelled from the Institute, others try to negotiate. Antoine is desperately looking for a solution to cancel the dismissal of half of the 1ʳᵉ year class.

Deva is worried. She is afraid that someone and more particularly Teyssier will discover that she stole bottargues with Jasmine. Souleymane tries to reassure her, then shows confidence in their chances of staying at the Institute. Deva tells him that she wants to stay in this school and be with him. Souleymane is happy. He’s been waiting to be with Deva for so long that he wants to shout it from the rooftops. But the young woman would like to keep their relationship a secret for the time being. Deva is afraid that Clotilde will tell her former guardian about it and that her parents will therefore be informed. She’s not ready to tell them just yet that she wants to break off her engagement. Souleymane is understanding. For Antoine’s son, the most important thing is to find a way for her to stay at the Institute.

Théo must make bottargues on the double A menu the next day and must start the preparations. At the commissary, he notices the disappearance of the bottargues and the Institute cannot order any urgently. Antoine advises him to think about an alternative menu.

Taken into confidence by Théo, Souleymane calls Ambre to ask her to bring back the bottargues because Théo has noticed their disappearance. The young woman thinks there is no reason for them to go back to Deva and Jasmine. Tom, he is afraid of being caught if they bring back the bottargues and hastily ends the conversation. Ambre finally agrees with Souleymane and does not want to create problems for Deva and Jasmine. She suggests to Tom to readjust their menu. Ambre then offers Diego to postpone their tasting to the next day. Diego is upset and has no choice but to go shopping for dinner.

Celia takes revenge.

A few minutes before the ordeal, Théo is worried, because the situation between his sister and Célia has not improved. He knows that Celia can lose her temper quickly. The young woman lies to Theo. She makes him believe that she will control herself vis-à-vis Charlene and that she has no intention of failing her test. Theo thanks her because he knows how much it costs him to work with his sister. Besides, he understands it perfectly, especially after the harassment she suffered.

Before the start of the test, Clotilde Armand reminds the students that they will be judged on the average of two marks. That of the customer jury is therefore just as important as that which will be awarded to them by chef Armand, chefs Landiras and Teyssier. Clotilde then gives the starting signal for the race. Enzo tells Mehdi about his idea to change the frosting of their dessert. He finds it too monochromatic and suggests caramelizing it with brown sugar using a blowtorch. Mehdi validates his idea.

Eliott and Anaïs are on edge. Clotilde puts pressure on them to catch up, because all the plates have to leave at the same time.

Charlène and Célia, meanwhile, are performing War and Peace. Célia offers Charlène to go with her revisited cabbage recipe. Charlene is surprised. The day before, Célia had told him that his recipe sucked, and to prevent the situation from getting out of hand again, Théo’s sister clarified things. Célia must follow her recipe and without arguing. Celia pretends to reassure her and go in her direction. Then she goes to the commissary to get the necessary ingredients. As Célia finishes whipping her cream, Charlène makes sure she hasn’t added too much orgeat syrup, which is the case. Charlène takes the opportunity to admit in front of Célia that she went too far the day before by spilling cream on her. But once Charlène has left, Célia adds orgeat syrup to the cream. A minute before the end of the test, Charlène notices that the mascarpone stuffing left in the pastry bag has turned yellow and begins to panic. Célia tries to make her believe that she has oxidized and assures her that everything is going to be fine.

Then place the tasting by the three chefs of the Institute. Eliott and Anaïs’ presentation of the plate is not complete and the whole lacks contrast. They get a 9/20.

The three chefs then award 11/20 to Greg and Salomé who made two dishes in one. Mehdi and Enzo’s dessert is visually chic and elegant. The three chefs really like the result. Both students get a 15/20. As for Charlène and Célia, they have a 5/20 for their dessert, because the orgeat syrup is far too present. Charlene is stunned while Celia plays the innocent.

Then place the tasting by the customers, regulars of the double A. The verdict falls. Salomé and Greg get 13/20. Anaïs and Eliott seduced the customers and won a 13. The customers confirmed the scores of Enzo and Mehdi, and Charlène and Célia. In front of the students and chefs gathered at the double A, Charlène accuses Célia of having knowingly sabotaged the test and of having added orgeat syrup on purpose. She finds it unfair that it falls on her. Celia continues to play the innocent. She tells the jury that she followed Charlène’s recipe when she told her it sucked. Then Célia adds, looking at the daughter of Chief Teyssier: “You can only blame yourself”.

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